“so grandpa, what’s the longest time you’ve ever gone without a shower?”

So today is my last day and been busy with organising last minute flight changes, paying off my credit card, bills and packing. 

People are always like, “just wing it” ….. and so I thought I’d give it a go and the only planning I did was book flights from Melbourne to China and back with a vague idea of where I wanted to go. Boy was I a noob …. it was only wednesday that I decided to do a have a estimate of the number of days I would spend in each destination and realised that there was no chance I could visit them all in the 2 months I had.

After changing my flights twice in two days, I’ve told myself that I would never do a David Yang and “just wing it” again =P    Here’s my reviewed plan:

So I’m bailing on the Avatar mountains at Zhangjiajie, instead of going to Huangshan I’ll be going kamikaze at Hua Shan and no longer going to Hong Kong.

Looking forward to airplane food =D


About peetiez

I'm 24 and from Melbourne. =D
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