“Chicken or beef?”

Apart from my recently discovered fetish with emirate flight attendants. I have come to the conclusion that I’ve always wished for my own TV screen with heaps of movies during the long flight from Melbourne to China. This is closely followed by my dream of sitting next to someone really cool and interesting if quality in-flight entertainment was not available. Once again, I was granted with neither =P  Instead I got a funky smelling Chinese lady who couldn’t keep still even when she was asleep. So after getting approximately 1.5 hours of sleep* (extrapolated based on Yi’s Principle where 1 hour of shuteye equates to 15minutes of sleep). I was feeling super tired in the morning. The moment I got off the plane, it was as if I walked into a steam room. From 14 degrees in Melbourne to 30 degrees in Guangzhou and I was still equipped with my hoodie and jeans. It wasn’t until 7am that I made it out and met my auntie. Catching subway in Guangzhou has always been fun. Possibly because all the stations have English. But what I love the most is the fact that trains come every 1-3 minutes, yet people are still sprinting like Usain Bolt to try and make the train. I mean big deal right, just catch the next train that arrives in 1 minute … However, what’s even more interesting is the fact that Guangzhoulians are the slowest walkers ever! They are so chilled out and act as if they’ve got all the time in the world yet they Battle Royale to be the first to get on and off any form of transport you could think of.

Everytime I visit Guangzhou, I am reminded by the lack of chickybabes … Maybe it’s just me and my slanty eye’s that’s affecting my vision, I don’t know … but I swear they are like a rare Pokemon which can only be found if you surf on the Eastern shore of Cinnabar Island.

Anyways, I bought a train ticket for the overnight train to Guilin on the 14th which leaves Guangzhou at 5:50PM and arrives arround 6AM. I booked myself into a hard sleeper on a bottom bunk which consists of a room with 6 beds with only a shower curtain between other cabins for privacy. It costed 220RMB which equations to about $30. Considering the average monthly wage in Guangzhou is 800RMB, thats alot of money!

I went to visit my grandfolks on my dad’s side. After saying hi to me, they immediately reverted their attention back to the Chinese show on TV…. after staring at the back of their heads for a solid minute, all I got was a comment from my grandma. It went something along the lines of “AYYYEEE … she should leave him and find another man” =P   I think that’s their way of saying they are really happy to see me ….

I’m staying at my aunties place tonight before attending a cousin’s wedding tomorrow. On my way there, I start feeling out of place. I am in a wifebeater and shorts with continuous beads of sweat rolling off my forehead whilst locals are wearing jeans and a jacket yet their forehead is not shiny whatsoever. It reminds me of my trip to Cambodia where everyone including the Tuk-Tuk drivers were wearing long sleeved clothing whilst me and Yi were sweating as if we were contending for the wet t-shirt championships.

Sorry I have no photos, I promise I will try and post some up once I get WiFi on my phone


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I'm 24 and from Melbourne. =D
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