“I forgot the ring!”

LOL! I’m at the bus terminal waiting with my auntie and cousin to catch the bus to SanSui for the wedding. So we got a ticket for 10:10AM and my auntie is a tiny little lady but boy is she agile and swift. She goes to the ticket inspector in an attempt to get on an earlier bus but gets knocked back and was told to wait for the next bus. Ok cool … I turn around and when I look back she’s at the front of the line again flashing her tickets hoping the inspector would not remember her or properly check her tickets and allow us on the earlier bus. Again she gets knocked back but that doesn’t stop her from trying again =P  This time instead of going back to the line, she squeezes between the 3rd & 4th in line and when she reaches the front she asks “are you sure there’s no spots”. I now know which side of the family I get my determination from.

So after jumping on the bus, there was an empty seat next to me and three people looking for a seat. Of the three was a really dark man and in my mind I was thinking, please don’t be the dodgy peasant looking, dark skinned man who sits next to me cause he’s probably going to rob me. What a shallow thing for me to think because he turned out to be such a nice guy. We had an awesome conversation which made the hour or so journey go by so quickly. It’s moments like these that inspire me to travel and meet awesome people.

After arriving, we meet up with my other auntie and the rest of my extended family for lunch before the wedding procedures take place. I tagged along with my cousin and the first stop was kitting up his car at the groom’s house. Boy did it look tacky.

Every one of the 13 cars had the word “double happiness” stuck on the bonnet, other little banners with words of good luck as well as bows you’d find on birthday presents stuck all over the car.

Wedding car

We drove around the town via a route that followed particular streets due to the good luck the street names would bring and would eventually lead us to the bride’s village. Yes … village with old style architecture with little alleyways and everything was a shade of grey. We parked outside and were all handed “streamers in a can” as well as things that looked like poster carrying rolls which would blast out confetti once triggered. We started walking through the village and towards her house. Boy did it look like we were ready for war, imagine 50 or more people all shaking spray cans marching and screaming towards the village.

Just before we arrived at her house, the groom realises that he forgot the wedding ring. …. LOL! So the guy quickly calls his dad and gets him to bring it ESPRESSO PRONTO McDonald’s style.

After a short wait, the groom started knocking on the door, people starting firing streamers everywhere and the fun began. I don’t know if you are familiar with Chinese weddings but basically what happens is when the groom picks up the bride at her place, he has to bargain his way with the bridesmaids to get through the front door. This negotiation process takes a bit of time before they reach a deal and he hands over the red packet and is let in to collect his trophy wife.

We then jumped back into his car and headed back to the groom’s hosue for the tea ceremony where the couple serves tea to the elders in their families and in return, they are given money in a lucky red packet. What I learnt today was the act of returning money. So instead of taking all the money in the red packet, they leave some in there for you to take back. I chilled out with my cousins for a bit before heading to the dinner reception. Dude was it epic. They had 40 tables booked out, the whole 2nd story of the restaurant, each table seated 10 people! The place was huge and would be comparible with Palladium at Crown.


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