“Happy Mooncake Day”

Today is the Mid Autumn Festival on the lunar calendar which happens to coincide with the full moon. The tradition is to eat moon cakes, grapefruit, start fruit, bananas, yam, peanuts and other random bits and pieces. So Chinese people typically spend this day with their family and friends. So after spending the morning sussing out and reading up on my itinery, there was a family lunch at my aunties place.

I spent the rest of the arvo chilling out and playing cards with my cousins and aunties and then headed out to dinner. So here comes the awesome part. We packed some small chairs, a small table as well as snacks and drinks and headed to the nearby dam wall. Boy were there heaps of people there.

Everyone walking along the footpath holding lit up lanterns as well as others lighting huge sky lanterns. It was such an amazing sight to see all these lanterns launching up like hot air balloons and lighting up the sky. My cousin bought me one and we wrote a wish on it before lighting it up and launching it. It was pretty amazing because mum has told me about the lanterns and the sky lanterns people have in China every Mid Autumn Festival and it’s good to finally get to see it in person.

Some of the sky lanterns landed on people’s balconies on nearby apartments and one even caught on fire =P  Police came shortly after we launched ours and started telling people off for it.


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