”I asked the monk if he could give me his beads as a gift”

Today was a pretty slow day. My uncle picked me up and we headed over to his place to chill out. He showed me photos of his travels to Tibet as well as Chengdu. He also showed me his Xinjiang knife and his Tibetan knife. In both Xinjiang and Tibet, men carry knives as part of their culture. The Xinjiang knife looks really crude, like something I could have whipped up in year 7 metalcraft yet it has this rustic look to it. Its straight and then hooks up, kind of like a machette. On the other hand, the Tibetan knife has an intricate design on the sheath but the knife is symmetrical and the point is centered. He also showed me his prayer wheel he bought which was pretty cool.

The rest of the day was pretty chilled out, bit too hot to do anything but blob =P

During dinner, out of nowhere grandpa’s eldest brother whips out his gold medal. Its the funniest thing ever! It was given to him by the Chinese Communist Party for being a party member for 50 years. LOL! The thing is actually quite heavy and would make awesome bling with its huge hammer and symbol glowing red smack bang in the center. During dinner, they served a unique dish … Fried silk worms. As much as I’m against the insectavorous diet, I thought I’d do a Bear Grylls. It tastes really starchy, soft and kind of like biting into the yolk of a hard boiled egg. Then comes the gross aftertaste which reminds me of Chinese soup, not nice. Tonight is the last night I’ll be staying in Guangzhou. Time to get some serious Zzzzzzhangtime!!

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