”I want the cheapest dorm you’ve got”

So I arrived in Guilin around 7:10AM in the morning and the moment I walked out of the station, there were people already ushering me to their taxis or asking me if I want accommodation etc. I was pretty lost as usual and decided to turn left on the main road and just kept walking. After a good 10 minutes of sweating, I finally found the How Hostel. In China, the street numbers aren’t on every building or shop like in Vietnam. Instead all you get is a blue metal sign on one or two buildings per block indicating the road name and number. I dropped my stuff off in my dorm and jumped on facebook =P They have some program they use which I guess acts like a proxy.


I then followed the Li River and checked out the ”Elephant Trunk Mountain”. The weather was really overcast and hazy so there was no sexy blue sky with white fluffy clouds like you would see in the pictures.


I then caught a bus to the Reed Flute Cave. It was pretty funny because you had to follow the guide as she would turn on and off the lights as she walks through the cave =P



Here’s that famous shot of the Reed Flute Cave, I think it’s called Crystal Cave or something.

I came back into town and lined up at the train station to buy tickets for the sleeper back to Guangzhou. I waited in line for 30min and by the time I nearly got the front of the queue, the ticket seller closes her curtain to her window … GG … Had to go all the way to the back of the line and wait another 30min for another window. I then bought bus tickets for the 9:05AM to Yangshuo tomorrow.


This was what I had for lunch. Such a smart thing to do, by wrapping up the plate with a plastic bag, they don’t have to do any washing… GENIUS!

I got back, had a shower and just going to chill out for the rest of the day.

Popped out for dinner and asked the girl at reception what’s good. She directed my to this little shop in a back street that had Guilin’s speciality: Guilin Rice Noodle. Not only did it cost 4 yuen for a huge bowl, it tasted SO good !! Just after I sat down, heaps of locals started pouring in. You know its good stuff when dirty looking locals are lining up for it =D


I went for a short stroll along the river and watched this lady fish little fish and snails using a net. I guess she’ll fry those snails, add chilli and YUMMO!

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