”if you are ever in the area, call me and I’ll look after you”

10092011373.jpg 14092011374.jpg 14092011376.jpg I just got on the sleeper train on my way to Guilin. I just met a French girl at the train station who’s also heading to Guilin. My carriage is pretty empty actually, my ‘room’ has 6 beds and there’s only another dude next to me.


So the hard sleeper turns out better than I expected. When I caught the sleeper train in Vietnam, I had blood on my pillow on both the way up and back. Not only is my pillow blood free, my sheets are actually white. The only downside is that there’s no shower curtain to separate my ‘room’ from the corridor and no individual bed lights. I even managed to strike up an awesome conversation with the Chinese dude, Mr. Tang on the bed next to me. Pretty cool dude, asked so many questions about Australia yet at the same time squeezed in as much patriotism he could. He even gave me his business card and told me if I’m ever around Dong Guan, call him and he’ll look after me. What a champ =D 15092011381.jpg

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I'm 24 and from Melbourne. =D
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One Response to ”if you are ever in the area, call me and I’ll look after you”

  1. mindy says:

    lol Pete I hope u’re having a good time in China- Blood on sheets sound awesome 🙂 be good young one!

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