”remember this car’s number plate after the show”

I went back to my dorm last night and there were four Chinese people staring at me. Spent the rest of the night chatting away in the dorm sharing stories about our travels as well as comparing China with Australia. They are all university students from Shaanxi studying media and arts in Guizhou.

The hour and half bus ride from Guilin to Yangshuo had some really nice scenery particularly when we got closer to Yangshuo. All you saw on either side of the road were towering limestone peaks and it just reminded me of the Yangshuo segment they had in Dosage V.


The town is nice, although it is slightly touristy with a KFC and McDonald’s as well as a pedestrian street called West St (Westerners), it’s quite a nice place.
Boy did I have an really interesting day today!

So after checking into my dorm, I went for a quick stroll around town. The main area is quite small and all in walking distance. As I was walking, this guy approached me and asked if I wanted to rent a bike. Sure thing I said. He took me to his friends shop in some back alley and hooked me up. We started chatting about things to do and knowing me, asked him about free touristy activites =P One example is the cormorant fishing show they have at night where fishermen get their birds to catch fish. He told me to just go to the Yu Long River at dusk and you can just snap away.
I then brought up the ”light show”, a water show they have in Yangshuo with over 600 performers held on the Li River directed by Zhang Yi Mao, the guy who directed the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony as well as many other films including House of Flying Daggers. The average price around town is 160 RMB for C reserve seats and 700 RMB for A reserve, thats quite a lot of money for a show. He said to me, ”When you come to Yangshuo and you don’t see the show, you’ll regret it. However, after you watch the show, you’ll regret it”. Then Mr. Huang hooked me up the local way =D He said he can take me to another place to view the performance for only 40RMB!! I remember mum mentioning this dodgy viewing option when she was researching our never completed Yangshuo trip. As sus as it was, I had to do it =P He told me to meet him at 6:40PM at KFC and he’ll hook me up. I’ll come back to that a bit later.

So I got my bike and started heading towards Moon Hill. It was about 8KM out of town and there were heaps of other tourists on bikes as well. Along the way I passed a number of water caves as well as a hot spring.


So I arrived outside Moon Hill and as I began to park my bike, one of the ladies sitting outside approached me and asked me if I was going up to the top of Moon Hill (because there was a restaurant there as well). She’s like ”I can take you another way in and I’ll only charge you 5RMB instead of the 15RMB entrance fee”. So sus but what the heck =P So she told me she’ll walk ahead and I follow her from a distance. We walked about 100m around the entrance, jumped the fence and followed a well worn dirt track that joins up with the main track. BAM! It was that easy and I didn’t get raped =D It was a 20min walk up and boy was it tiring. My wifebeater was saturated and had no more dry patches to wipe my face with. I could’ve wrung out a solid litre of water and boy was I smelly!


The view at the top was AMAZING! Like at Lactic, I always walk through ‘the hall of fame’ and there’s that Petzl poster of some dude climbing Moon Hill that I can never get enough of and it was such an amazing feeling because I was there standing next to the real thing. There were 4 climbers there doing some sport climbing on the wall of Moon Hill. They told me that boulder with all the Chinese writing on it seen in Dosage has been blown up and has been replaced with buildings.

I walked back down and the woman approached me again and asked if I wanted to come to her family restaurant for ”farmer food”. This just means that vegies and animals are grown fresh on their land. Again, why not =P We went through the road of all these restaurants signed ”farmer vegetables” etc with tour buses parked outside. She’s like ”all these restaurants are for tour groups, their produce isn’t grown around here, instead are bought like normal restaurants”. I didn’t really know what to order so I got duck and tasted quite nice. Made my way back to my dorm and had a well needed shower.

I met up with Mr. Huang and he took me to the bus station on his scooter and met up with the head honchos who run the minivan shuttles to the oh so secret location.

16092011408.jpg Here’s me squating outside the van waiting for more people to come.

So we arrived at the base of some random hill which had lights above the path. Then it lead to a cave with steps dug out as well as bamboo handrails!! After following the cave for sometime, we got to the other end and they had people there renting out binoculars. Steps were cut out and they were the seats. If the proper viewing area is 12 o’clock to the performance area, this alternative area would be 10 o’clock. It’s higher than A reserve seating and a greater distance. My initial thoughts were that we’d be viewing it from some other nearby building or someone’s house but I’d never imagined it was going to be on the edge of a cliff. It’s pretty impressive if you think about it. They’ve got this cave which I would assume is natural, but have put in so much effort to dig up really nice steps up to the cave, through the multi levels of the cave all the way to the seating area. Furthermore, putting up scaffolding and bamboo handrails and hooking the whole walkway with electricity. They even had a toilet up there all lit up! So impressive. I mean its not like they are making millions but have properly set up a dodgy viewing area.


So what do I think of the show…I’m definitely glad I only paid 40RMB for it thats for sure =P

16092011415.jpg Here’s one for ya


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