”is Yangshuo this way?”

I rented a bike after breakfast and headed towards Yi Long Bridge. I went through many villages and rode beside rice paddies for about 2 long hours … it felt like forever because I think I went past it and did a huge loop before getting there.


It was another blistering hot day, not as humid but the sun was so strong. After a quick photo at the bridge, I rode back towards Yangshuo. I must have asked for directions over 30 times because I was SO lost! The roads in the outer parts of Yangshuo are counter-intuitive. You’d come to a fork in the road, one path is paved, another is just rubble. Obviously you would naturally assume the paved path is the main path to follow to Yangshuo right? … NO … I learnt this the hard way, naturally following every paved road, I basically found my way back not because I followed their vague directions but because I’d gone down the wrong path each time. SOOOO KNACKERED.


I hired a single speed bike and boy did I do some serious mountain biking with it. The roads were of gravel, rubble, pebbles and even huge boulders where I managed to get some serious zhangtime and the bike held up!!

Another thing thats interesting is the ”speed humps” some of these small roads have. Instead of humps, they have the opposite, speed ditches. Genius =D

During the ride, I even took my bike across the river on a bamboo raft.
I got back and I was stuffed. Had a shower and I gave in … I went to McDonald’s =P



I went for a walk through town and found a climbing shop. I had a chat to some of the guys and they told me about the bouldering wall in town and I went to check it out. It was a pretty small wall, probably 3 panels sideways and 3 meters up. It was steaming hot and headed back to the hostel to call it a day.


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