”I’ll carry it for you”

It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve left Melbourne. There are so many things Melbourne has that I take for granted. Things like drinking water straight out of the tap, the amazing city obviously designed for parkour, the culture, having cereal with milk every morning as well as fresh vegetables every night. When you’re travelling, one of the things that’s most affected is your diet. You tend to be eating alot of heavy stuff and miss out on your fruit and vegies.

I’m pretty shattered that I didn’t get to check out XingPing. Its supposed to be what Yangshuo used to be, much more chilled out and by the river. I could have gotten the photo on the back of the 20RMB …. so shattered. If only I had more time…

It has gotten to the point where I’ve had enough of Yangshuo, a bit like that feeling I got when Yi and I were hanging around Kuala Lumpur for our flight back home. Too hot, too ceebs. I can’t wait to head up north for the cooler weather!

Tonight I went to watch the cormorant show were basically we’re in this boat and the fishermen and their cormorants follow the boat on either side. It was cool to see it done although it looked much better on TV. The birds have wire around their neck to prevent them from swallowing their catch, they then make them spit out their catch and keep fishing. They untie the wire at the end and feed them some of the crappier fish.

I just hopped on the bus to Dazhai!! I’m psyched to leave Yangshuo. Its 1PM now and we’ll arrive at the base of the Jingkeng rice terraces around 5:30PM. Then it’s going to be an hour hike up to my hotel! EPIC!

Wow, out of the bus window I saw this huge stone, we’re talking about 4 meters high and the man is carving out what looks like stalactites and stalacmites!! Damn, probably means all those in the Reed Flute Cave were fake and carved out ….


The bus stopped at the DaZhai car park and swarms of Yao minority ladies dressed in their clothes as well as the owner of the DaZhai Hotel waited outside for the bus door to open. I forced by way through the crowd and went to the back to grab my pack. Before I could go near my pack, one of the ladies already had it on her back =P The owner told me to let her carry it … I felt bad that this old lady who looks nearby as old my grandma has my heavy ass pack strapped to her back.



The bus ride wasn’t super scenic but the moment we started walking through the village, it was as if I’ve walked into heaven. It was so picturesque that I didn’t know how to compose the photo! Kind of like when you’re on an super easy climb with so many holds that It becomes hard. Everywhere you look its like WOAH!



This place is so pure that you can drink water straight from the tap without needing to boil it. That’s how awesome this place is.

So it was about a 40 min walk to arrive at the hotel but it went by so quick. I nearly rolled my ankle a few times cause I was so busy looking at the view. On the way up, there were ladies embroiding and selling trinkets, clothing, scarves etc. The owner said that the clothes they sell are mass produced and no longer handmade as its too expensive to even buy material. Only the clothes they wear are made by themselves.

I checked into my room, dropped my stuff off and headed downstairs to watch the owner’s wife cooking bamboo rice which takes about an hour to cook on an open fire.


I ordered a chicken and they killed one just like that.. Freshazimiz! It was pretty yummy and flavoursome. I only finished half of it so they chucked it back in the fridge for tomorrow.

After yesterday’s rain, today has been much cooler and here in DaZhai, I’m out of my wifebeater and shorts and into pants and a jumper.

Hopefully the weather holds up tomorrow so I can head out and check out the sunrise!

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One Response to ”I’ll carry it for you”

  1. Matt says:

    Kool! It looks quite pretty there. Those rice fields are so neat and organised…
    Damn you’ve reminded me of how amazing and beautiful china can be, now I can’t wait to go. 2weeks and counting!

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