”chicka bonito”

After a really good sleep on the sleeper from Guilin to Guangzhou, my auntie picked me up from the train station and we caught the metro to Bai Yun Airport. I didn’t even know the address of the hostel I was staying at and so I went into this cafe, asked for their WIFI password, looked at the menu and walked out =P What a tightarse I was but seriously … They were selling coke for 45 yuan when it’s usually 3 yuan at any corner shop. Well I got the address and directions, that’s all that matters right =)

The plane took about 3 hours and despite the lack of quality inflight entertainment, lunch was served and that’s good enough for me. The Beijing airport express line is so convenient and links up with the metro in about 10 minutes. On the metro, they have these series of hundreds of TV screens lining the walls of the underground tunnel that perfectly lines up with the windows and just plays advertisements as the train passes them. My hostel is near QianMen, Front Gate and the moment I stepped out of the subway, I saw the front gate and was like Woah I’m in Beijing =D

The first impression I got of Beijing was that people dressed way more trendier than the south, much more with it and the chicks were naturally taller, leaner, more pale and hotter. Happy days.

I dropped my stuff off at the hostel and headed out to Tiananmen Square and waited 1.5 hrs for the flag lowering ceremony.


Whilst waiting I took notice of the guy next to me. He was a stranger to the girl in front and before you know it, he’s got his arm over her should, stroking her hair and pinching her cheek … Wow so easy.


So everyday they have a flag raising and flag lowering ceremony which signifies the opening and closing of the square to the public. The soldiers carrying guns with bayonets march out from Tiananmen’s gates at 108 paces per minute, 75cm per pace and all traffic is stopped for them to cross the road to the square. They bring the flag up, raise it at sunrise and the square is officially open to the public. This ceremony is repeated during sunset where they clear all people out of the square and turn on the lights of Tiananmen.

I headed back to my dorm and this guy was also wearing Feiyues, so I asked him what he used them for. It turns out that he’s Mexican and speaks really poor english =P So he opens his locker, takes out a bag and pulls out 6 pairs of Feiyues and shows me a catalogue of martial arts supplies. He teaches Wushu in Mexico and he stocked up for his students. I bought a pair off him for 40 yuan which is dirt cheap considering I pay 25 bucks back home. I ended up hanging out with him for the rest of the night and he took me to Wangfujing, the famous shopping street and the food street known for having scorpions and other random animals on skewers.


During the arvo I asked some of the guys chilling at the hostel about The Great Wall and they told me they headed to the unrestored part of it and did the 10km hike from Jingshanling to Simatai, the exact part I was keen to do. When I came back from Wangfujing, one of them told me that 2 other Belgian guys are keen to do it too and hooked me up with them.

I’ve got these two Polish guys in my dorm and they are hilarious! I first thought they were Russian cause of their strong accents … They could so do the best Borat impression!

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