After getting pooned by mosquitos last night, I woke up and my body felt more 3D than usual.

After breakfast, we headed out to Dongzhimen metro station to catch a bus to MiYun. After 2 hrs in the bus we arrived at MiYun and we had people swarming us asking ”where you going?”, ”you go jingshanling?” and ”you want taxi?”. So we started bargaining with some guy who offered to take us to Jingshanling and return for 600 yuan. I laughed in his face, ”ok what your price?”. I offered him 100 yuan return, obviously he said no and then whipped out this lamanated sheet with various sentences both in Chinese and English such as ”I have to pay for the toll”, ”I have to wait at the car park for 4 hours for you”, ”petrol is 48 yuan/L” and pointed to each sentence one after another. Its funny cause petrol is actually 8 yuan/L =P

Anyways, after alot of walking away saying NOOOOOO with a long drawn out O and pretending to look around for other drivers multiple times, we finally agreed on 300 yuan return which split 3 ways is pretty good. It took another hour before we arrived at the base of Jinshanling. We walked up and arrived at the ticket checkpoint. The guy asked for our tickets and since there was no ticket booth, we hadn’t bought tickets yet. He refused to let us through and refused to sell us tickets … After mich clowning around, he decided to sell tickets to us before muttering and cursing under his breath … LOL


The walk along The Great Wall was amazing, the section between Jinshanling and Simatai is unrestored and less touristy so the walk was really steep and there were loose bricks everywhere. The most aesthetic section is probably the towards Simatai where there were a series of watch towers one after another with the wall following the ridge like a snake winding its way into the distance . It’s just so amazing to imagine that back then, this wall was built by hand, how difficult must it have been to even get up to the ridge in the first place let alone transport bricks and stones to the wall.


Not only was The Great Wall used to protect the kingdom from nomads, it was an effective means of transport and communicating danger through lighting fires at the watch towers and relaying it just like in the movie Mulan.


After 3 or so hours on the wall, we headed back down to the car park, met our driver and headed back to the hostel

I made another recent discovery. Mooncakes don’t taste good when you eat them as if it was a sandwich instead of cutting it into 8 little pieces.

I got back to my dorm and the beds of the two polish guys have been made as well as my Mexican friend, Luis’ bed so naturally assumed they left. On top of my pack, one of the polish guys left his photocopied version of the Lonely Planet for me, a brand new toothbrush as well as toothpaste. What a champ =D

I had a shower, was about to whip on the pjs when all of a sudden Luis pops up and basically said ”take you pjs off, we’re going out” in a kind of charades/sign language form of communication. Then he looks at his bed and shits himself … his bed is completely made, all his stuff has been cleared! LOL! He’s like ”I come to my bed and … **shrugs and does the hand signal for what the hell is going on**… no … My things … Whats up??” poor guy =P

We went out to the pub and everyone knows him, he’s famous cause he goes there pretty much everynight and stays till like 6AM! He ordered some ”dragon tower” and it was basically a clear vertical tube with a tap and was about 75cm tall containing 3L of beer …. GG. He says in Mexico, they drink one of those towers each … ”no problemo”.

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