”1st thing you do when you arrive in Mexico? Facebook”

It’s my 2nd last day in Beijing so I thought I’d try and make the most of it. I got up nice and early and headed to the Forbidden City.


I walked in at one end and out the other … just didn’t find it interesting.


I then headed straight for ”the egg”, The National Centre for the Performing Arts just west of the Forbidden City. It looked so cool and the surroundings were so quiet and peaceful =D


Next stop was the new CCTV tower thats still under construction. I saw a photo of it and was just blown away by the shape of the building!

Finally my last stop, Olympic Park for the Water Cube and The Birds Nest. I got there around 3PM so I could have enough time to get some day time shots as well as night shots.


Firstly, the Water Cube isn’t a cube … What they should’ve done is put a moat around it so there’s a reflection in the water for a proper looking cube. Nevertheless, I went inside and checked it out. It’s probably one of my favourite places in Beijing so far. I mean yes it is just a swimming pool but its just so cool!


There’s the Olympic competition pool and diving pool that the public cannot use. Then on the other side is a even bigger pool with numerous waterslides that are 4 stories high!! I wished I had the chance to go for a swim cause it looked better than anything I’ve ever been on at Wet ‘n’ Wild.


The interior of the building looks pretty awesome. You can see the ”water cube” mesh structure on the roof and the place has a blue and white colour scheme to it.


Upon arrival, you can line up for a free photo which you can pick up when you leave. They give you a free passport size print but the 4×6 print will cost ya.



I then went into the Bird’s Nest. It was probably the size of a standard football stadium, maybe even smaller. It was pretty cool and had a red and black colour scheme to the place.


I then chilled out and waited for the lights on Bird’s Nest to turn on. Just like the time I camped out for 2 hours for the Guangzhou Opera House as well as the Melbourne Convention Centre, I camped out for the Bird’s Nest. It was pretty funny watching all the people going by and those taking photos. I’ve come to the conclusion that Chinese women like to pose near a handrail with one hand or arm resting on the rail, the other on their hips. Every Chinese woman did it. The dudes tend to stand tall or lean then backs on the rail whilst real oldies just stand and are neutral.

I got back to my bed, had a shower and was about to call it a night, one of the girls from the hostel came and asked me to practice English with her. Before I knew it, Luis comes back with another bag of swords, clothes and Feiyue shoes. The first thing he does is opens his bag, whips out a pair of black Feiyue and says ”for you, thank you”. So nice of him. I asked him how did he know what size to get and he says ”me look your shoe **points to my Feiyue** aha”. It was his last night in Beijing before he leaves to get his flight back to Mexico from Shanghai so we headed out for a beer. We didn’t get home till 2AM.

Luis is one of those dudes that I envy. He can fall asleep in an instant. He’s slept through 3 alarms despite waking all 11 others in our dorm and even after waking up he starts snoring within seconds of lying back down. He’s got alot to do the next day so he asked me to wake him up at 6:30AM. He described the importance by **making beep beep beep sounds, lies down on his bed snoring whilst beeping then picks up his thongs and slaps the imaginary him across the face** =P

So after 4 hours of sleep, we get up at 6:30AM and I take him out for breakfast. Everymorning I ask him if he’s eaten breakfast he describes to me in our charades language that he waits for McDonalds happy hour everyday between 11AM-2PM for a Big Mac Meal costing 15 yuan. He’s like ”in Mexico, no eat McDonalds, in Mexico, tacos, beer, tacos, tacos, beer. In China, McDonalds”.

I’m facing a dilema regarding my photo memory. I’ve nearly filled my memory cards so do I A: buy more memory cards with a high risk of fake/corrupt cards and they’ve unlikely be used once I get home or B: burn them on DVD and hope they work or C: buy an external hard disk which is costly. So after breakfast I headed to a computer shop and burnt my 15GBs of photos to
DVDs. Just to be sure, I headed to a computer marketplace and picked up and external hard disk and copied all my photos on it. I mean, although the photos are pretty ordinary, I’ll be so shattered if I lost them all because its unlikely I’ll come back and do the same things again and going back home without photos is like as if I never left home. It reminds me of what Yi said in Cambodia, ”if I break or lose my camera and I can’t get another one, I’m going home”, its so true.

I went back to my dorm and emptied my pack and took all the stuff I didn’t need and brought it to the post office. Before putting it in a box, they inspected everything! I had a poster wrapped in Chinese newspaper … no, I had to remove it and wrapped it with something else. Its probably to do with the whole ‘not letting outside know about China’ thing .. I don’t know. She went through all my clothes and asking about my books, what they were about before staring blankly and confused at my rock climbing gear =P So happy I got rid of it cause my pack is now 7kg lighter =D


I came back to the hostel and Luis rocks up with more swords and clothes from the kungfu shop. He takes out everything and lays it on the floor. He came out of the shower fully kitted up in Mexico gear hahah its as if he’s worried that the Mexican customs wont let him in. He’s got socks with the Mexican flag on them, shorts with the Mexico flag patch sewed on, a Mexican olympic team jacket as well as a backpack with the colours of Mexico and Mexico in huge font!. So off we went South Beijing Railway Station for the super high speed train. Compared to the normal overnight sleeper, this one only takes 5hrs from Beijing to Shanghai. In Beijing, there are security checks at the entrance of each subway station. It was funny cause we’d put through the bag of swords in the x-ray machine and when I pick it up, the security people are just staring at us.

We waited for him to check-in to his train, said our goodbyes =D

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  1. Yi Zhao says:

    Luis – funny man

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