”hen hao! hen hao”

I headed out to the Summer Palace today.


I got there and the crowds were off the planet! … And it isnt even the National Holidays yet. I walked through the place rather quickly because it just didn’t interest me at all. There was no where to escape the crowds and it was just old school Beijing buildings over and over again followed by a huge lake.

I was chilling out about to get to bed that night when Luis comes back with a huge bag of swords for his students. ”Isn’t customs going to take them off you?” ”Mexico no problemo” =P speaking of Luis, everytime he sees a hot girl, he starts saying ”hen hao” – very good and does the thumbs up even if they are standing right next to him hahah. Other Chinese words include ”chi fan” – eat food, everytime he sees a dog … LOL! His brother and 2 other friends were staying with him 2 weeks ago and everywhere they went, one of the 4 would wear the Mexican flag like a cape =)

As I move to a different part of China, my diet seems to change.



In Beijing, people eat congee or soy milk with fried dough sticks and small buns filled with meat or steamed dumplings. They also have a small dish with pickled vegetables as well as boiled eggs. I’ve discovered through trial and error thats there are two types of congee, rice congee and corn congee (I think). I wake up everyday looking forward to breakfast thats for sure =D

After breakfast the next morning, Luis and I went to check out the Temple of Heaven.


We got there fair early, around 9:30ish and just managed to dodge the crowds. When I say crowds, you may naturally think I’m referring to the ”red hats”, tour groups all wearing the red caps. You are right but I have discovered a new crowd, the blue uniforms. These are the swarms of school kids on field trips that just keep coming. Its as if the entire Beijing population of school kids were there! Just as we were leaving, they started making their way in there with barely any standing space around the main building at the Temple of Heaven.

We jumped on the bus and checked out this really cool retro street in the hutongs today.



Its called Nan Luo Gu Xiang and its near the Bell and Drum Tower. Its a long street with small side alleys full of little stores selling really cool stuff, from indie clothes, gifts, food and dessert to retro Chinese gear such as the oldschool metal dunnies, retro flower print thermos as well as washing pans just like the ones my grandma uses to wash. This street reminds me of maybe Brunswick where there’s a really cool fashion culture and even people riding fixies!

During our walk, I went to a public toilet today and there were no doors around the squats so its kind of like a dormitory for shitting. Everyone walking in can just watch each other crap or you could even hold a conversation and maintain eye contact while you crap. Brilliant!


On the way back we passed Mao’s portrait at Tiananmen and I wondered if they retouch it every now and then because its been up there for ages yet it still looks as good as new. Even the posters on my wall fade after a year or two but no not Mao.

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