”see you in the wild west”

Today is the first day of China’s National Holiday. I slept in and had a late start so after some food, I met up with the two girls I met yesterday and went and checked out the city wall on bikes.



After 10 minutes of cycling, it all starts looking the same. You turn a corner and its like, wall … Oh look more wall … Yep thats a wall.

We then headed to the Muslim Quarters for some lunch and street food, trying out quite a number of different foods.


We had some cold noodles topped with a number of different sauces though the only thing I could taste was satay and chilli. We also had some super yummy fried dumplings. There was many stores in the street selling candy such as peanut slab, walnut candy, green bean slab and all sorts.



I bought a pack of the walnut stuff, it is the shiz!



We also had a rice cake thing topped with red bean paste, special sauce and chopped nuts. I had so much for lunch that I didn’t even eat dinner.


I met up with my friend Peter whom I met in a hostel in Guilin. He lives in Xi’an so we caught up and had a chat. One of the things that were brought up were the number of fake things in China. He said he once bought a fake egg, after he hardboiled it and tried to crack it open, it was super bouncy like a ping pong ball. Another fake is bottled water, instead of spring water, one company just filled their products with tap water until they got busted and fined. Petrol was also on the agenda, back home we’ve got 93 octane and 97 octane, here in China they’ve got 90 octane and apparently Chinese companies such as Sinopec dilute their petrol with water =P



He’s an awesome dude and is also planning to do the Western Sichuan loop on the 10th of Oct so hopefully I’ll bump into him again somewhere in the open grasslands over some yak butter tea =D


Waking up at 6:30AM the next morning, I headed out for breakfast and tried Xi’an’s specialty, Tofu Nao which is basically layers of tofu with chilli, nuts, beans and is salty.


I also had another speciality called niuroubing, beef cake which is pan fried and has some vegetables with a layer of beef in the middle.


Next stop, the Terracotta Warriors. There are basically 3 pits, 1 being the largest and was first discovered and excavated followed by 2 and then 3. I got there rather early so it wasn’t super busy but by the time I came out of pit 1, the red hats had arrived.




So the story is behind the warriors leads back to the Qin Emperor who also built The Great Wall and unified the country. The Warriors, chariots, horses, rare animals, acrobats,various other classes of men as well as everything else he would need in his afterlife were produced and buried with him. He also buried alive his top scholars and those who knew the location of his tomb.


No two warriors appear the same, they might have the same clothes but their may have a different face, hairdo, etc. Also the Warriors were originally painted and coloured when first excavated however those that can be seen from any of the pits have lost their colour possibly due to oxidation and degradation.

So I got back to my dorm ad realised that two of the Chinese girls already packed their stuff and left. Their two bunches of roses they had left on the table from the other night were also gone. So I put my stuff into my locker and realised that there were roses with a note attached on my pillow. Its the first time I’ve ever been given flowers and boy did I feel special.


I obviously can’t read Chinese but based on the few words I do know and common phrases, it goes something along the lines of ”To the awesome (my Chinese name), we are leaving. We are really happy to have met you …. ” I couldn’t make out the rest until, ”we give you flowers” … Something something and they’ve included their email addresses at the bottom. So I walked out feeling super special til I was about to close the door to leave the dorm and noticed another girl also had flowers and a note on her pillow … BAM!! My huge head just exploded =P


So in Xi’an, I’ve noticed some things that I have yet seen in other cities. One of these is magazines attached to the back of seats on buses. I haven’t actually seen anyone read them and it seems like its uncomfortably dangled from a height in which everytime the bus accelerates and brakes, the corner of the magazine hits your genetalia.

Another thing is that kids between the age of 3 to about 5, dont wear underwear, only pants with a huge split down the bottom middle so when they are walking infront of you, their butt cheeks are clearly showing. I guess its so they can take a dump espresso pronto.


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