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”travelling .. AGAIN?!”

Yes that’s right, I’m going overseas again =D It’s sort of a way of thanking my folks because I guess my sense of adventure and desire to see the outdoors was partly due to them. When we were young, every … Continue reading

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”Ni Hao Ma!!”

10/11/11 So my plane landed around 11AM and my folks collected me from the airport. It feels so good to be home =D And I’m so excited to pull out my Mac and jump online. There’s so much I want … Continue reading

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”I’m sorry about your door”

9/11/11 I got the bus back to Guangzhou the day after William left and returned to my auntie’s house. I even changed my flights so I can leave one day earlier because there’s really nothing to do in Guangzhou. So … Continue reading

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”I don’t remember sleeping”

6/11/11 Everytime I turned around and looked at my cousin during the night, he looked like he was still awake. I don’t think he got any sleep at all cause of an unfamiliar bed. For me, as long as I’ve … Continue reading

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”I told you to take sea sick medication”

5/11/11 I slept in till 8:30AM before we quietly got ready whilst the rest of the house was sleeping. I said goodbye to my cousin, Connie and gave her a hug! Its been a while since I’ve had a hug … Continue reading

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”this building is known as the nosehair shaver”

3/11/11 I’m so psyched to go to Hong Kong. I can’t wait to catch up with my cousin, do some sight seeing and head over to Macau with him. I’m used to taking the train to Hong Kong each time … Continue reading

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”quickly give me all your dirty clothes to wash”

1/11/11 I hate when I am woken up after 5AM busting fee a pee because I struggle to get back to sleep after. I lie in bed and it’s cold and the doona is once again too short to cover … Continue reading

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