”would you like some gum?”


Today is my rest day before heading to Kangding tomorrow. I kicked off the morning shoe hunting as I read online that there’s a shop called Nengmao in Top City which apparently sells Feiyues however I looked online and couldn’t find the address of Top City. I asked the girls at reception where I could find Hui Li, Warrior branded shoes as they too were originally an oldschool Chinese brand, now bought out by a foreign country so I guessed if I could find them, surely I could find Feiyues. She directed me to a huge shopping square in the CBD. I got off the bus and 20m later to my right was a tall building, Top City. Yeah baby! =D

It was still early and it hadn’t opened yet so I walked around the square. I noticed heaps of staff standing outside various shops for staff meetings and a quick cheer before they kicked off the day.


I went in and strolled through all 4 levels. The place stocked all awesome brands fro Vans and Adidas Originals to Paul Frank and Lee Jeans. Yet there was no sign of Feiyues. I was about to leave when I popped into a Vans store and asked the assistant if he knew where to buy Hiu Li or Feiyues. He asked his boss who came out and told me I could find them at level 4 in a shop called Nengmao. BAM, I swear I didn’t see Nengmao when I was up there before. So I rushed up and even when I was at level 4, I had to ask for directions twice. It turns out that Nengmao is this tiny boutique store with no display windows, just a red wooden door with a lock casually slung across the door handles suggesting the shop assistant just ducked out. The place seriously reminds me of those little boutique stores we have back home in Brunswick or in some CBD laneway where you don’t even know the shop exists less you are actually looking for it. I sat on the bench adjacent and waited till the assistant returned. She was this beautiful well dressed girl with a long red dress and turqoise cardigan. She looked at me … No it was more like a stare. She stared at me with the ”is this guy seriously waiting for the shop to open” look. She opened the door and I followed her in. Staring right back at me were 3 pairs Mid Delta Feiyues of different colours lined up on the glass counter. Yeah baby!


The shop is super cool, selling oldschool cult Chinese clothing from faded red and yellow polos with ‘China’ written across the front looking like something I’d find in dad’s wardrobe to satchel bags with ‘Chengdu’ logoed across the front.

The shop is presented in a way that makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time with propaganda and old Chinese music blasting out the cheapo oldschool boombox, Chinese scissors along with various notebooks, colouring pencils, crayons and stationary that look like they were used in the 80s.



Despite the shoes being double the price in which I could get online, I couldn’t walk out without a pair.

After lunch, me and Simon went phone hunting. He showed me this phone on the net the other day. Its called GOOAPPLE and is basically the best iPhone copy available.. It uses the Android 2.2 Froyo OS but is customized to look like iOS and looking at the video and reviews, its pretty good. What’s funny is that the logo on the back is of the android robot with an apple in its stomach. When you switch on the phone, it gives a full animation of the robot eating the apple.

So we walked around to the 4 blocks long street lined with stores selling mobile phones and asked around. No one had it, we even called the number online and was told the only way to get it is online …. BOOO we wanted to have a play.

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