”I want to change my flights please”


I woke up and had some amazing freshly fried cong you bing, spring onion oil cakes for breakfast before meeting up with the Finnish couple I met in Danba to head to the Red Grasslands. I arrived at their hostel and they didn’t want to go anymore. That’s one of the reasons why relying on others can be a real pain in the ass. However things always work out in the end. I went back to the hostel to take a leak and met this dude from Tianjin, Jason also taking a piss. Him and his girlfriend, Sara were going to rent bikes and explore the town for the day so I joined them. We road down the main road past Daocheng Bridge and turned onto this gravel path on the right. The path followed the river and lead to a small village with free range yaks and pigs. The scenery was beautiful and I’m glad I checked out it.


The couple had a headache from the altitude and retired after lunch. I met these 3 other Chinese travellers who found each other online, hooked up and decided to meet up in Chengdu. They too were riding around Daocheng and planned to visit some village in the afternoon. I decided to hang out with them and join them in the arvo.

I tried changing my flights to an earlier date and was having trouble so one of the girls, Yao Yao helped me out heaps! Even as we were riding she was on the phone with the earpiece calling Southern China Airlines trying to sort it out for me and after an hour on the phone, we still couldn’t sort it out.


We had a great ride and finished it off with some amazing food.


On the way back to the hostel, we witnessed some Tibetan dancing at the town square, it was pretty awesome seeing how happy the people are. We exchanged numbers and I’m planning to meet up with them in Lijiang!

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