”is Zhonglu or Jiaju village better?”


So I woke up and looked outside and it was all white! Fully snowed in … I was kind of excited to see the snow yet annoyed at the same time because it’ll mean that I wouldn’t be able to go and stay with the nomads which was the primary reason I came to Tagong. So I checked out and after squishing 4 people onto 3 seats for 3hrs, I arrived in Danba. The town is a very ordinary town with construction going on everywhere you look. The main reason people make the detour is to check out the Qiang minority villages. You can see ancient watchtowers line the hills which was used back then against the communist.



As I walk through the pedestrian street, there’s heaps and heaps of ladies in tradition dress. They all god their hair done up and topped with a headscarf, they embroidered skirts and tops and they dangly earrings.

There comes a time during your trip where you have to make a decision. To stick to the original plan even if the going is tough or bail and take the easy way out. After getting snowed in at Tagong, looking at the weather reports for the following week and being sick off long bus rides, I’m so tempted to bail and just jump on a coach and head to Yunnan for Shangrila and Lijiang. But I’ve still got 3 weeks left and I know I’ll regret not making to all those places I had planned. As Lance Armstrong says, ”pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever” … Despite being used in a different context, you get the idea. Guess I’ll take things as they come and decide in a few days time.

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