”let’s walk to Suopo today”


So I woke up and tried turning the lights on … No effect, I step outside my room and the whole place is dark … The power was out. So I changed and headed out for breakfast and it was just wet outside … What a great start to the day I thought. I came back and met up with 2 other couples I met at the hostel and together headed to Jiaju village, China’s most beautiful village 2005. So obviously my expectations were high.

On the way there our minivan took some back route where you didn’t have to pay admission however the road was really dodgy. Half way there, his engine starts smoking … I’m no mechanic but I’ve played Need For Speed: Underground and when your engine is smoking, it’s usually a bad sign. He fills the radiator with some water, waits 5 mins and off we go again. 5 mins later, it starts smoking again … Same routine. We finally make it to the village after 2hrs and reach the observation platform where you can see all the Qiang styled houses scattered in the distance. We headed into the village and it was rather ordinary, what a let down.


We returned to Danba for lunch and then decided to walk an hour and a half to Suopo, another village known for its watchtowers. It was pretty cool seeing the hills lined with watchtowers. It was also really nice to actually travel with others and have a chat instead of doing stuff on your own all the time which can definately get boring.




So Ba Ding, the owner of Tagong Supermarket called me to see how I was going. He said there’s heavy snow in Tagong today. But the Israeli couple I travelled with today did the Tagong homestay and they said how awesome it was so its tempted me to go back and complete the mission.

I am one of those people who must complete my intended goal I set for each particular place or else I’ll feel like I didn’t ”tick” the place. And thats what I feel about Tagong. Staying with the nomads in Tagong was supposed to be one of the highlights of my trip and was pretty much the basis of my trip. The Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, the Pandas, Yangshuo and Jiuzhaigou were all things and places I visited ‘because I was in China’ but the real reason for my China trip was inspired by the photos and people’s blogs I had read about travels in Western Sichuan aka ‘the backdoor’ to Tibet. Ever since I first learnt what the word ‘minorities’ mean in Chinese, I have always been curious. I am intrigued by how each different minority group has a different language, culture and traditional dress. So I really wanted to experience the Tibetan lifestyle and here it’s possible in Tagong.

Therefore I’ve decided it’s time to change plans, there’s no point me spending all that time to get to Ganzi, Manigango and Dege if the lakes are going to be frozen and just going to be snowed in and potentially be stuck there. I’ve am going to make the journey back to Tagong and hope the weather holds up for the homestay before finding my way to Litang and overland to Shangrila and to Lijiang. I could always come back and visit other areas in the future.

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