”my mother needs to pee again”


Woke up with the ceebs and that persistent headache. As I stepped out of the hostel, it started raining … So I thought. It turned out to be snow! I have never been in a town apart from Mt. Buller where it has snowed! It was so amazing to see.


I went out looking for breakfast and on my way back, I heard people screaming from the Tagong Supermarket, it was Ba Ding waving me in. He said he’d just got up and immediately shaved, brushed his teeth and went out to buy some bao zi, buns. His wife scooped out some yak butter in our bowls and once the milk was hot off the stove, she poured it into our bowls which instantly melted the butter. YUM!!


It was different to what I had in Jiuzhaigou though. This was pretty much milk with melted butter floating around whereas at Jiuzhaigou, it was much more thick and darker in colour. She brought some pao cai, which is thinly sliced raddish topped with chilli. I had such an amazing breakfast! As I was leaving, he told me to join them in the afternoon for lunch. I feel so bad for them having me over all the time.

So I went for a snooze and woke up to find that I have been locked in. I happen to be the only guest in the whole place and since I told her I was going to rest today, I guess she thought it’ll be safer if I was locked in =P After about 5 minutes of trying to break out, I see a lady through the window walking past and so I started banging on the door. Thank God she heard me and went to get Drolma to open the door. She said there’s alot of thieves so she locked it just in case.

So I went out to catch up with Angela about the overnight stay with nomads. Her daughter was at the bottom of the stairs on her little bike saying ”you can’t see mummy because me and mummy are going for a walk”. I turned the corner and Angela was coming down the stairs. I’d just caught her in time. We went back upstairs where she handdrew me a map using colouring pencils and gave me some brief directions on getting to the nomad camp. Boy is this going to be interesting =P Based on my dodgy navigational skills, what should take 3 hrs might take 5.

I went to Ba Ding’s supermarket to buy some water and they were having lunch. He told me to join them and his wife brought back a bowl with rice and chopsticks. I sat down next to them behind the counter on a little stool and chowed away. There were bamboo shoots, some meat and some other black gelatinous noodle thing all immersed in a red chilli soup. It was good! After eating with them these few days I learnt that they get offended if you say no to food which is understandable. I mean if I invite someone over for dinner and they say no, I’ll feel offended but at the same time I feel rude and bad for always crashing their meals.

I went for a nap woke up shortly to have a shower. I was told to not have a shower on the first day as you’ll likely to catch a cold and at high altitudes, it takes a long time to recoverfrm a cold so I’ve held off. The hot water was SOOO nice =D After my shower, I poked my head into the living room and Drolma was there watching a dating show on TV. I quickly ran upstairs, equipped my socks and joined her. Later on, her husband came back and boy did he look cool. He looks like the Tibetan guy from Uncharted 2 with a worn dark weathered face, cowbow hat, heavy looking cowbow robe thats folded and layed in many ways, a red waistbelt with its loose ends dangling down and the cowboy swagger. Its as if he walked straight out of the game and into the lounge. He whipped out some photo albums to show me. Pictures of his family and pictures of the Horse Festival. The clothes and colours are so bright and vivid and they are all decorated with various stones and silver. He showed me some pictures where they were on horseback and had to pick up white scarves off the ground by being full sideways with both arms off the horse and only squeezing with the legs to stay on. I actually secretly wish I was Tibetan and live the way they do, riding horses, herding animals and wear cowbow hats =P

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