”this is the worst bus ride of my life”


It has taken over 40 days to finally feel that I am travelling. I have forgotten what day of the week it is and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday has become yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I got started my journey to Litang at 8AM and I have finally arrived at 8PM. It was the worse bus ride in my life and makes a 9 hr flight back to Melbourne seem like a walk in the park. There was heavy road works or more like the road needs heavy road works because there was seriously ditches 30cm deep where I got heaps of airtime, even managing to smack my head on the roof 1m above me twice. I was seated in the back row smack bang center and there was no escaping the passive smoking thanks to the 9 dirty Chinese dudes next to and in front of me. I think they like the cigarette sauna effect cause they didn’t want to open the windows. I had to personally walk up the bus and open it for them … FML. Just to top it off, there was some infinite nose picking and smearing on the headrest infront as well as hawking up some serious phlegm and unloading it on the floor between their legs. ='( GFG

I was both relieved and disappointed when I arrived. It was dark and most shops were closed. I walked to the closest accommodation I could find which turns out to be Potala Inn. I remember saying that I would avoid this Potala Inn but desparate times comes desparate measures … Aye

For your convience and future reference, I’ve decided to do a quick section of recommended hostels in the places I have travelled so far. Guilin: I stayed at How’s Hostel for the first night and it was nice but didn’t have a large public area to kick back and relax. I then stayed at Wada Hostel and that was much nicer. It had a large lounging area, pool table and outdoor space. In Yangshuo I stayed at Monkey Jane’s … It was alright, I was on the 2nd floor and couldn’t get WIFI in my room so best to stay higher closer to the bar. In Dazhai I stayed at the Dazhai Hotel. The owners were really nice and personally picked me up from the bus station. I think the location is perfect, there is WIFI in the rooms and the food was great. In Beijing I stayed at Leo’s Hostel and despite meeting some awesome people there in my 12 person dorm, it was mozzie infested. It had a good location though as it was close to Qianmen subway station and only 5 min walk to Tiananmen Square. In Xi’an I stayed at Jano’s Backpackers located near south gate. It was borderline. The place was new but had open showers, mosquito infected dorms with no windows whatsoever, people smoking inside and located in a basement so it may be your cup of tea if you like the dungeon feel, however the location was good and was close to some awesome breakfast. Lets not talk about Huashan… In Chengdu I stayed at Nova Travellers Lodge. Probably a bit out of the way for tourist areas but I loved it. It was in a quiet area with great food around the Wenshu Monastery, there were bus stops all around, the showers and toilets were cleaned every hour on the hour, there’s a movie room with free movies, pool table, ping pong, awesome staff and awesome chill out area. I loved it. My friend stayed at the Dragontown Hostel and he said it wasn’t as good despite owned by the same owner. I went there for a visit and the toilets were dirty, minimal public space where people could smoke and located in a busy tourist street so it was a pain to get in and out. Kangding I stayed at Zhilam Hostel, it was perfect despite the lack of WIFI in the room and it had slow internet. Tagong, Jya Drolma’s hands down. Danba I stayed at the Zhouxizang something oh rather and it was very ordinary. In Litang, Potala Inn is shit. The staff are rude and unhelpful and the linen seem unwashed, the shower doesn’t have a lock and there’s no WIFI in dorms.

Tip o’ the day: Never put your bags on the floor of the bus. You will regret it after seeing all the Chinese people spitting on the floor.

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