”walk up yourself”


After 3 hours sitting in the passenger seat shitting my pants as I watch the minivan driver tackle dirt roads whilst constantly driving on the other side of the road, we finally made it to Yading.

Before we past the ticket office he asks us if we want to do a dodgy and not buy a ticket. That way we don’t have to pay the 150 RMB entry fee, hide in the boot of the car through the checkpoint and pay the driver 100 RMB. Everyone in the other minivan did a dodgy but no one in ours did.

When we arrived in Yading Village, he asks if we have booked accommodation. Most of us didn’t so he dropped us off at his friend’s guesthouse. We go in and have a look. There are beds for 25 RMB but imagine one huge bed about 10m wide, no form of separation between one person and the other. Happy days! So after a look we were like ‘no take us to another one’, so the dodgy drivers did, they took us to the most expensive one which have rooms for 250 RMB. Obviously everyone was said no and was like ”ok we’ll stay at your friend’s guesthouse”. We confirmed our suspicions later that it was all part of the plan to make us stay at their mate’s guesthouse. About 100m down the road was another guesthouse, 50RMB for a room and it had much better facilities that our dodgy guesthouse …. Scammed!



Anyways, we still had the rest of the afternoon so me, Sara and Jason headed out to Pearl Lake. It took a bit of effort due to the high altitude and Jason decided to turn back half way due to his pounding headache, but me and Sara got there around 4PM and just sat next to the lake and sunbaked, watching the sun go down. It was super nice.

I didn’t bring all that much food cause I was advised that there would be food there .. Wrong, food is super expensive and crap. So me and Sara found this dodgy little store selling water for 4 times the usual price and instant noodles for 8 RMB. She obviously did all the bargaining because the 4 dudes wouldn’t give me a discount no matter how hard I try. After a good 5 mins, we got it down to 3 for 20RMB … Desparate times. So that’s what we had for dinner.

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