”did you get this dark in China or were you already this dark”


When you walk around Daocheng, you’ll see a whole street lined with restaurants selling buns and eggs steaming all day long on top of little oil drums, drivers walking around screaming in your face ”Yading, Yading!”, Tibetan tailors behind sewing machines pumping out Tibetan jackets and chupas as well as Chinese tourists wearing Goretex jackets and SLRs hanging off their necks. When you first arrive, your first impression is, wow this place is more developed and less dusty than Litang. Soon you realise its just a base for tourists going to Yading and most of the place is run by Han Chinese and it definately lacks the Tibetan culture and feel.


I guess since Yading is surrounded by snow mountains there’s high levels of reflected UV radiation. So I wore my sunnies both days and I have come back with a tan … It’s the second time someone’s has explicitly commented on my ”Tibetan looking” appearance, particularly pointing out my dark skinned appearance and my ”Tibetan” hairstyle … I guess my dream of becoming a Tibetan has come true, I smell like one, I’m dirty like one and obviously dark like one =D
So since I couldn’t get tickets for Shangrila yesterday, I lined up at the bus station at 1PM and waited for the counter to open at 2PM. Already there were people lining up. I spent the hour chatting away with the dude in front of me who also came to Yading with us. This dude looks older than my dad and he’s backpacking and has been to pretty much all of China, spent 3 weeks in New Zealand and travelled down both the East Coast and West Coast of Australia. He’s seen more of my home country than I have.

So once it hit 2PM, all hell broke loose. There were no longer lines, instead people just surrounded the counter squeezing into the tiniest gaps waving their money in front of the ticket lady. Thank God they were all going to Chengdu and Kangding cause the tickets were sold out immediately. Only a handful of people waiting were actually heading to Shangrila.

Based on my diarrhea ratio between China and South East Asia, I’ll have to say that you are 7 times more likely to eat dirty food in China than South East Asia.

While we’re on the topic of diarrhea, my dorm mate I met last night has a problem. He can’t stop farting and diarrhea-ing. He’ll be sleeping and you’ll hear him rip a massive fart. He went to the toilet twice in 10 minutes. Imagine the particles and potential skid marks he’s got happening !!

After coming out of the shower, I realised that at high altitudes your body suffers and wounds and scabs just don’t heal. I’ve still got this scab from 3 weeks ago in the same condition.


Here’s my stash for tomorrow’s bus ride.

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