”liang fen is Shigu’s specialty”


Wow I’m so close to the end of my trip! Only 9 days to go! I’m really excited yet a bit sad at the same time. I’m so psyched to go home and see the folks but at the same time, I’m going to miss travelling and experiencing all the amazing things along the way.

I woke up and chilled out at the dining area for a bit. One off the staff gave me a cup and poured me tea. The moment I finished, my cup was refilled .. Over and over again!

I went bus hunting to try and get to ‘the first bend of the Yangtze River. No. 1 bus will take me to Jingkai Square where I’ll hopefully get another bus to Shigu Village. There’s an old Naxi lady standing right next to me dressed in their traditional dress.


Its a blue and white themed dress which includes a baggy blue hat like the ones the Aussies have for cricket, a blue top with a white ribbon that forms a cross over the front, a pleated white dress with a blue stripe at the bottom and is decorated with their own embroided designs. I’ve also seen some others wearing blue skirts with a white stripe so I guess it’s quite personalisable but the general colour scheme is blue and white.

Its pretty interesting how only the older generations wear the traditional dress and I have yet to see any of the younger folks donning it. It’s as if extreme wrinkles are a prerequisite for traditional dress. This has applied to all the minorities I’ve seen except I did see a steaming mid 20s girl equipped with the traditional dress at ‘Little Potala’ in Shangrila.

In both the Old City as well as in the New City, the rubbish bins have the usual recycling, non-recycling as well as a third mini bin in between for used batteries! Now that’s awesome.

So after arriving at Jingkai Square, I find a minivan heading o Shigu Village and arrive after an hour and a bit. I walk around looking for a hill I could head up to get a better vantage point, a birds eye view over the bend. This an approaches me and asks me if I want to head up and pulls out a business card with the photo I want to take printed on it. After some bargaining, he offers to take me up for 15RMB. He actually asks his son to take me up instead. We walk through his house, out the back door and up a dirt trail. After about 10 minutes, we arrive at this flat viewing platform.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t peaking, it was cloudy and the water was brown and murky from the rains, not saturated blue like in the photos. Nevertheless, the view was awesome.

I then grabbed a quick bite to eat at the road side stalls. There was one where heaps were people were sitting around selling liang fen, cool noodles which is basically cut from a large block of grey jelly into short noodles mixed with cucumber strips, some chilli, some little chunky bits and other stuff in a black sauce. It tasted awesome! It tastes exactly like the cold cumcumber salad thing mum makes. Just what I needed =D

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