”you look like a Tibetan, it’s your dark skin and hair style”


We decided to wake up at 5:30AM and leave by 6 to head to Milk Lake and 5 Coloured Lake. It was freezing in the morning and my fingers and toes were just numb. I took an hours worth of slogging before I got blood into them again.

About 2 hours in, we came across a mini water fall which allowed us to fill up our bottles. The water was so pure, no taste whatsoever, really reminded me of home.


Another hour in and we made it to Milk Lake, a beautiful saturated glacial blue lake surrounded by mountains on all sides. We then hiked up for another 20 min to the other valley to check out the 5 Coloured Lake, pretty ordinary but still cool.


The walk down was super painful, so tired, out of juice and just wanted to get back to Daocheng for a shower and proper meal. Tough times in Yading.

We arrranged our driver Dorjee to pick us up at 4PM, but he didn’t arrive till 5:30PM. Nevertheless we made it made in one piece by 9PM and headed out to dinner straight away. I had asked reception to help me book tickets to Shangrila but they said tickets were all sold out so I’m going to try buy them myself tomorrow.

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