”I don’t remember sleeping”


Everytime I turned around and looked at my cousin during the night, he looked like he was still awake. I don’t think he got any sleep at all cause of an unfamiliar bed. For me, as long as I’ve got earplugs and enough room to spread my legs and hump the bed, I’m fine.

We had breakfast downstairs at a cafe which the owner of our guesthouse claims, has the best coffee. It tasted like instant coffee to me but nevertheless it was my first coffee in nearly 2 months.


We spend the night before planning our route for today looking for the most efficient way which maximises the use of free casino shuttle buses. The first stop of the day was Macau Tower. When we got up there, the 120HK admission scared us off.



After 2 shuttle buses, we arrived at Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s a themed area with amusements, rides, food and shopping. There’s a mini colluseum, volcano, Alladin’s Cave and many other themed buildings and parks.

So that was Macau island, next we took a shuttle to Taipa where we checked out Galaxy Casino.



It looked really nice from the outside but again .. Another casino.



Next was the Venetian, an Italian style casino complete with it’s own canal and gondala rides. I really liked this one because it was huge inside where different areas had different themes based on various cities in Italy. The canal was pretty cool too and you can ride the gondala around whilst your paddler sings for you.


We hit our final stop, the City of Dreams where we were going to watch the House of Flying Waters. So apparently Macau is known for its casinos, clubs and red light district. Well I saw prostitutes in the casino! I was walking by and notice some sexy women in black super short dresses, high heels and massive cleavage and I thought to myself, wow they must be either waiting to go clubbing or are prostitutes. There are just teams of them waiting around.

The show was pretty cool. I was really impressed with the first few scenes but became average later on. That said, I managed to spot my friend Jing! She was so camo!

It’s been a huge day and we were both stuffed. I found a room in Sanva Hostel and William boarded the ferry back to Hong Kong. What a weekend!

I honestly do not believe there can be any beggers in Macau. If you’re hungry, you can buffet on beef jerky samples, if you’re thirsty you can get free drinks at the casinos. Happy days.

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