”I told you to take sea sick medication”


I slept in till 8:30AM before we quietly got ready whilst the rest of the house was sleeping. I said goodbye to my cousin, Connie and gave her a hug! Its been a while since I’ve had a hug so it definitely felt good.

We had breakfast downstairs and headed to the port. The ferry took about an hour from Hong Kong to Macau. The moment we got through customs and into Macau, we were spammed with free maps, yeah baby! We had a squiz and looked for the location of accommodation that I had previously checked out online. The closest casino was Grand Lisboa so we went out to the shuttle bus terminal, looked for the Grand Lisboa bus amongst the other billion buses to the various casinos parked next to one another. It didn’t take too long to spot and we were off!

The bus left the terminal and on the way we were both just pointing things out to one another with our mouths dropped and wowwing at everything. The Sands Casino, a volcano, a fake Chinese city wall complete with a moat, Oceanis Casino that is a direct rip of Beijing’s Water Cube, the Grand Prix Track and many more casinos. It was amazing.

We got off the bus, found our bearings and headed to look for accommodation. It was so hot and humid walking through the streets. We got shutdown by Augusters and then Sanva didn’t have any rooms and we found another one nearby. A double bed room with common toilet for 200HKD. A bit beyond my budget but desparate times, plus accommodation in Hong Kong and Macau is expensive.


We settled down and looked for lunch, Nearby was a little cafe where they are famous for their fried fish balls, Yum!


Next was Senado Square, the squiggly tiled square before following the signage to what’s left of St Paul’s Cathedral. Along the way, there were so so many stores that had help yourself samples of beef and pork jerky as well as various pastries, cakes and biscuits. We were so full afterwards that it kept dinner off my mind.


St Paul’s was pretty cool. It’s one of those things you see all the time online when you google ”Macau” but it’s still really cool seeing it in person. We went for a look and another round of beef jerky before leaving the area. One the way out, we found people queueing up for pork chop buns. It’s so simple yet so nice. Basically a heated and buttered bun with a piece of pork chop in the center, thats it … But it was so flavoursome! We also smashed some portuguese tarts.



Next step was casino hopping. We started with one casino, checked out the tables, the foyer and the outside before moving on to the next.



On the list that night was Wynn, Galaxy, Star City and a few ohers I forgot the names of. But inside the casino they provided free drinks which includes little 250mLs of water, coke, sprite, tea and coffee. I love freebies!

After a late night we were smashed and called it a day.

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One Response to ”I told you to take sea sick medication”

  1. Matthew Lam says:

    Damn i miss macau… i wish i had time to go while i was in hong kong. Something i really wish i had a chance to eat is in a shop that i think is in the red building to the left of your Senado Square photo. Its famous for its milk desserts, i go there to eat their cold dual skin milk? Its a dessert made from steamed milk. Really delicious! I had it while i was in hong kong, but i still didnt think it was as good…

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