”quickly give me all your dirty clothes to wash”


I hate when I am woken up after 5AM busting fee a pee because I struggle to get back to sleep after. I lie in bed and it’s cold and the doona is once again too short to cover my feet. What the heck, I head out for some early bird photos of the Old Town.


The place is so quiet with only the occasional photographer and the obvious fat American lady walking back to her accommodation with a 500mL bottle of Coke in each hand. There’s a whole different feel to the place as it belongs to you and the camera so if you’re ever in Lijiang, make sure you wake up early one morning for some happy snaps.

As the town slowly wakes up, people start opening the red wooden shop doors, brushing their teeth and washing their face in a pan of hot water and some even washing their hair. Then you start hearing the sound of silversmiths clanging their anvils and before you know it you’ll hear ”da di da di da di da’ coming out of every music shop. They really hammer this tune home cause it’s annoying yet at the same time its definitely the theme song of Lijiang. I asked the lady at my hostel and she said they’ve only recently started playing it about 3 months ago. After some googling, I found out it’s called Dida by Kan Kan.


As I walked by some of the less busy streets in the old city, I saw men and women washing clothes by the river, girls washing their hair and even women washing meat ad vegetables. I think it’s kind of grose considering the number of people I have seen spitting huge yellow chunks of phlegm into the river. Speaking of the river, it has come a long way from the Yulong Mountain which travels to the Yulong Pool and is finally streamed to the streets of Lijiang.

I spent most of the day just lazing in the sun on the courtyard of Mama Naxi’s and had some random snacks for dinner.


Some sticky rice goodness filled with peanut and sesame paste, some spring roll thing and some tofu dessert.

Mama Naxi’s was definitely one of the highlights of Lijiang. The staff were so nice and helpful to me and went above and beyond help me out. Towards the end of the night, the real Mama Naxi appeared and looks like the lady in the advertisement photo without the traditional Naxi dress. She was seriously nice and the first thing she did was gave me food. 10 minutes later, I was offered more food! As I was about to leave, despite already been given directions to the bus station by numerous staff, she game me another thorough run down and even whipped out a map for me.


Her husband hung a little Naxi knitted bag on my neck and gave me a banana. I have no idea what the bags for, maybe good luck but it’s filled with some sort of herbs. After reassuring the directions once more, Mama Naxi unexpectantly gives me a hug. Boy has it been a long time since I’ve had a hug.

I follow Mama’s directions to the bus station. I look at the bus signage and there’s no indication of No. 18 bus. I wait for 10 minutes and see lines of No. 4 buses pass by but still no No. 18. Luckily more and more people roll up to the bus stop with suitcases which gives a big of reassurance. Another 10 minutes later, the bus arrives.

Lijiang train station has only been recently built so it’s new looking, clear and most importantly, has English signage! After the security check, I look up to the departures board and try and decypher the Chinese but the moment I give up and turn away, on the right of it is an identical departures board in English =D

It’s pretty funny that during the annoucement on the train telling passengers not to throw rubbish on the floor or on the tracks, they don’t use the word rubbish, instead use ‘guo pi’, fruit peel. LOL, such a Chinese thing to do =D

What’s with the lack of buses to airports in China? I had to wait an hour at the train station for the bus before it came. Lucky I’m in no rush. So the airport looks half decent from the outside but what do you know, there’s a total of 20 seats in the whole airport … I asked one of the staff and they are like, yeah there’s rest areas but it’ll cost ya. Geez.

While typing on my phone, I accidentally see the reflection of my bicep, well whats left of it anyway because whatever muscles I may have had no longer exists. My arms look like twiggy sticks from the deli at Coles =( aye .. The costs of travelling.

One of the things that I do love about Southern China Airlines is that even if your flight is an hour long, you still get food on the plane =D

I found my way to Auntie’s house and was so happy to have a place to dump my stuff for the next few days. I can finally wash my jumper and my pants that I’ve been wearing since Chengdu! I had a shower, a home cooked dinner and went to bed.

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