”this building is known as the nosehair shaver”


I’m so psyched to go to Hong Kong. I can’t wait to catch up with my cousin, do some sight seeing and head over to Macau with him. I’m used to taking the train to Hong Kong each time I visit but this time I’m on the bus to try and save some money. The bus is pretty nice and clean compared to the buses I’ve been on in Western Sichuan.


After crossing customs on both sides, the bus slowly approaches HK and all I see are towering skyscrapers. I love Hong Kong =D
I get off at near Prince Edward station and start strolling down Fa Yuan St, the shopping street. So much food, shopping and more shopping. Stuff here is so much cheaper than back home. Full priced stuff is about 40-60% cheaper and it’s so tempting to just buy buy buy. I popped into a climbing shop and they’ve got the latest Five Ten and La Sportiva shoes at a third of the price we would pay back home.

Also the people in Hong Kong are really helpful. You ask them directions and they’re really helpful with detailed directions, people just seem much more genuine here and less concerned about making a dollar than in China. Plus there’s an energy to the Hongkinese people, even a old chap in a wifebeater and thongs has a certain aura to him to distinguishes him from another old chap from the main land.

People are also really polite on trains. There’s no pushing and rushing onto trains, they give way to people exiting before boarding and you don’t see them storming for a seat. There’s also heaps of personal space when lining up, no one is trying to butt rape you in the process. There were empty seats on the train but people who were standing didn’t storm for it, instead they remained vacant for the duration of my journey.

I’m supposed to meet up with my cousin at 7:30PM so I decided to spend the arvo checking out Fa Yuen St and went Oakley sunnies hunting. After nine years, I think my pair deserves a rest. I went to the Oakley repair center and they have the full range available however cost heaps more than what they cost in the States. I think I’ll hold off and get them off ebay.

I hung around Sha Tin New City Plaza looking for free WIFI and man does it feel good to be able to use facebook normally.


Whilst waiting, I had a pineapple bun and damn was it the best one I’ve ever tasted! It’s even slightly better than a fresh Breadtop one. I caught up with my cousin and we went downstairs at the dai pai dong, street stores for some dinner. My oldest auntie and second auntie came down and joined us for a chat.

My cousin William forced me to stay at my older cousin, Connie’s place so we both had a shower and left for Connie’s. William and I shared a double bed and I don’t even remember sleeping. We got up at 6AM as Connie’s daughter, Athena got ready for school. She’s a cutie and she’s going to be a pro diver in a few years, can’t wait to watch her in the Olympics.

We headed back to Shatin to have breakfast with my auntie and kicked out off big day with William, Connie and her husband.



First stop is Stanley aka Cheok Chu. Imagine the Coogee to Bondi coastal walk with expensive Brighton/Toorak houses everywhere overlooking the water. So nice and such a beautiful area.


We had lunch at a cha charn sut, a cafe styled restaurant where they are famous for their HK style milk tea and French Toast. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever tasted. Between the bread is condensed milk and a bit of peanut butter and outside is soaked in egg and fried.


Next stop is Central and Admiralty where some of the most amazing buildings in Hong Kong are located. We went for a walk around the area where I took some photos of the architecture around the area then headed to the Peak for some bird’s eye views of Hong Kong.



We took the bus back down, jumped on the Star Ferry and headed across the harbour for Tsim Sha Tsui to watchn the light show at night. It was pretty amazing to see the whole Hong Kong skyline light up and participate with various flashing lights and music.


We walked along the Avenue of Stars where handprints of stars can be found on tiles. There was Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat and other randoms I’ve never heard of. As I was walking, I heard a very familiar tune. It was the opening music and the dialog in the the Than Long water puppet show they were showing, the exact same one they have in Hanoi.

We were all exhausted and quickly had some food downstairs from Connie’s, took a shower and hit the hay.

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