”travelling .. AGAIN?!”

Yes that’s right, I’m going overseas again =D

It’s sort of a way of thanking my folks because I guess my sense of adventure and desire to see the outdoors was partly due to them. When we were young, every year we’d go on holidays to different parts of Victoria with family friends. It got to a stage where we got too old and the kids started drifting apart with high school and all so that stopped after year 7.

I enjoyed going out so much that we tried to continue the tradition ourselves by going away  as a family. This lead to my first trip to the Grampians. I still remember walking through the Grand Canyon and Silent Street all the way up to the Pinnacle. It was such an amazing walk with out of the world rock formations, rock hopping and wowwing at everything I saw.

It was that trip that inspired me to go see more places. So this New Zealand trip is to thank them as well as a last opportunity to go away as a family before I start full time work early next year.

We are planning to spend about 10 days touring the South Island, I don’t think it will be long enough to see everything but enough to give them a taste of what New Zealand has to offer and hopefully inspires them to do more travelling when I’m gone. I remember mum was super excited when I first planned the trip, she was doing more research than I was, always on the computer and reading through other people’s blogs and telling me about places we should go see.

So I guess it’s time to pack and get ready =D

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