New Zealand was awesome as always. We spent 10 days in South Island and had a blast. Arrived at Christchurch airport, picked up a Toyota Tarago and headed off through Arthur’s Pass to Hokitika stopping off at Castle Hill to awe at the amazing boulders.

At night we checked out the glow worm dell and although it was only 100m from the carpark, I’ve never seen so many glow worms.

Next day we were off to Franz Josef for the half day glacier hike, we went through a proper ice cave and it was so saturated blue. We also spent the night relaxing at the glacier hot pools. Happy days.

Next was Queenstown were we organised our sky diving trip and enjoyed the view. My cousin and I jumped out of a plane the following day. To be honest, I was slight disappointed. The initial freefall park was awesome but once I had to raise my hands, I slowed down much more and things just went by so quick until the parachute opened.

That arvo we drove to Te Anau. Next morning was Milford. I love the drive there, its so beautiful the valleys, the flowers along the road, Homer Tunnel and all the stops along the way. Especially the section when you just come out of the tunnel, you look up and there’s waterfalls on either side of the valley, truely amazing!

We went on the cruise and saw pods of dolphins swimming following the ship. We also saw penguins and fur seas sunbaking on the rock. The foreshore of Milford Sound is so beautiful with the moutains in the background, the water and the miss on the rocks.

Next day we headed south through Invercargill down to Bluff hoping to taste some of the world’s best oysters however they weren’t in season so we had fish and chips instead at apprently the world’s best fish and chips shop.

We continued onto the Petrified Forest at Curio Bay where we were full sniper style camping to shoot penguins. The little thing was about a meter away from my cousin, so awesome!

We stayed at the Anchorage at Curio Bay, a huge holiday house we views of the bay, just what we needed.

Followed by a good sleep in and clean jeans, we headed through the Catlins towards Dunedin whilst visiting several waterfalls and the lighthouse.

Dunedin was cool, we visited Baldwyn St, the world’s steepest street, the Cadbury factory and went for a walk around town.

We headed north towards Oamaru and saw the Moeraki Boulders along the way, they were like beef balls, perfect spheres with beins running across them.

We checked out more penguins at Oamaru and visited the Victorian buildings there.

We then continued towards Tekapo via the Twizel and saw whale bone fossils along the way. The weather was pretty terrible and was super cloudy, we couldn’t even see any stars at night which was really disappointing.

Final day we returned to Christchurch and dude was the city destroyed, the whole place around the cathedral was fenced off and I even saw live wires hanging around. Devastating .. the whole place feels like docklands, deserted and abandoned.

Next morning we got flights out and returned home.

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