“Peter took his shirt off before even putting his shoes on”


ni hao! I have finally made it after a super painfully tired 5hr flight! Here I am on a taxi from the airport at 4AM! the driver obviously wasn’t having a good day cause he wanted cash only… Nevertheless…. I managed to get into bed by 5. Woke up the next morning and headed to the local hawkers for breakfast.


Got my money changed, recharged my sim card, ate a green tea pretzel!! So awesome! And even managed to buy some work pants from uni qlo =)


Crossing the roads have never been so awesome for old folks… As long as you have a pension card cause when your crossing the road, you swipe it and bam! Bonus green man time! +10secs. Tap that!


Here I am sweating like a mofo… Damn this place is humid…which is good cause you save money on moisturiser. But it’s much better compared to offshore and the folks here don’t even wear singlets… I feel like the biggest tourist.

Before heading to the climbing gym, I had Laksa and Otak which is made from fish paste and spices, wrapped in banana leaves and toasted to perfection.

Inside the shop it had photos of all the famous people that have visited. Even had a photo of the owner with Donnie Yen!



After lunch, I met up with Brian Poh and  Ning Tan to go check out Kinetic bouldering gym… The only gym in Singapore where there’s air con….they must have had a power cut… Either that or they it was just a marketing scam cause it sure didn’t feel like the ac was on… We rocked up, signed our waivers and the first thing I did was take my shirt off… I couldn’t wait! Then Brian reads out the gym rules…. “Peter put your shirt back on mate, this is a shirt on gym….” are you freakin serious!? So disappointed…. I thought gyms were supposed to emulate real life outdoors…

The gym reminded me of The Lactic Factory in Melbourne. It had some awesome powerful problems and some nice balancey ones.


After the gym session we met up with Brian’s girlfriend Amanda and went to Old Airport Road Hawkers Centre for dinner. It was THE Best asian food I had! We had Char Kwei Teow at Lao Fu Zhi…


I’m not usually a fan but this was so flavoursome! Must be their singapore style secret sauce.


Then we had Won Ton Mee… The noodles were cooked to the perfect consistency. I also tried fried chicken wings and carrot cake before I smashed two Tofu Fa, one original and one almond from get ready for it… LAO BAN TAU FU FA. Lao Ban means Boss in Chineeesseeeee. Ok… I lied.. It actually means old partner but nevertheless what a freakin boss it was! It was the best I’ve ever had!


After dinner I got a first glimpse of Marina Bay Sands…. Holey Moses it was like a dream come true. Seeing some of the lost amazing architecture that I’ve always hoped to see.



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I'm 24 and from Melbourne. =D
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3 Responses to “Peter took his shirt off before even putting his shoes on”

  1. Hien Pham says:

    dude im loving your posts and your stories. Keep the coming. Big Fan!

  2. david says:

    lao ban means old companion in this case, get yo fobness right

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