“this is like something out of Avatar!”


The morning kicked off food hunting. China town hawker centre….. Which was closed…. =( had no choice but to resort to really crap yum cha…


Here’s a photo of me and my alter ego.


Chinatown was bucketing like there’s no tomorrow and if Singapore had a wet t shirt comp, I would have taken gold.


Next stop was Orchard Road. I came out of the metro and was at the ion building. Awesome looking place with levels and levels of shopping. I didn’t have enough time for the 4 floors of whores at Orchard Tower.



This is a photo of kaya toast. Basically toast with butter and some secret sauce that makes it sweet….Singapore for those who haven’t been before… Is a culture that is obsessed with sugar. Teh Tarek, Cendol, sparkling water… You name it.

On the way to Gardens By The Bay, you walk through Marina Bay and they have a soccer pitch that is on a floating pontoon…. Is that awesome or what!


Gardens were amazing! Huge giant man made trees growing in the distance.


The huge park was sustainable in such that the rain water was collected and used to irrigate, wind temperature was moderated, solar panels on the trees powered the lights at night.


The lights turn on at 7PM and the light and sound show at 7:45PM. It was super amazing and felt like I was in that scene in Avatar where the guy gets lost in Pandora and witnesses it’s beauty at night.

After the show ended, I was walking towards the exit and noticed the back door to the emergency stairs up to the restaurant was left open (the middle tree was actually a restaurant with a lift to take you up). I walked up 11 flights of stairs and reached the restaurants back door. It was an amazing view from up above where you could see the tops of the trees.

Didn’t get home till late and the day ended with Ben and Jerrys ice cream and Tiger beer =)


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I'm 24 and from Melbourne. =D
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