“Hey Ning you want a route?”


Day 3 was kicked off by another day of food madness! Headed to Little India for some brilliantness and boy was it brilliant. I hit the roti prata stall at the Tekka Centre and there were already 5 people waiting in line ahead of me… Which obviously means that place is the bomb…. It didn’t disappoint. The roti there was crispy yet soft and the curry was spot on. Next was briyani. The flavours in the rice was amazing! Couldn’t stop eating it.


Check out the lines!


Next up was a stroll through Little India. The area had little shops that lined the sides in the roads selling food, clothing, music and random Indian stuff.


They have this system in Singapore where instead of using parking meters, they have little booklets of tickets, each had a monetary value assigned to it and it was displayed as a ticket for parking. Pretty smart idea.


Next up was Onsight Climbing Gym. Decent sized gym that had a bouldering section for noobs, intermediates and pros. Met up with Brian Tan, Brian Poh, Amanda and Ning and crushed some “tiles” Singapore squat start styles.


After the gym session. We headed to East Coast Lagoon Food Centre for some dinner. In the photos it is a fully saturated light blue lagoon… Reality is that it looks more brown that blue. Nevertheless, it was next to the water and awesome views plus seafood equals awesome.

We tried sambal stingray which was yum, chicken wings, duck rice, ha Mee, some funny animal out of a shell that you toothpick out… And topped it off with some tiger beer and ice kachang.



Not the most flattering photo…

So that was dinner…. And we already started talking about supper! Brian said he was gonna take us to the best roti prata and nasi lemak place in Singapore. It was at the Boon Lay Hawkers Centre. We fanged it from one side of singapore to the other… If we had drove another 10min I probs would have had to reach out for my passport.

We got there at 10:02PM…. The girls ran out of the car before we found parking…. We saw them and the look in their faces told me that I won’t be eating prata tonight… We missed it by 2 minutes… Nooooo!



We lined up for the nasi lemak and boy was it the BEST! It was all in the sauce and it was so good! I just wanted another one. The Teh Tarek was really good as well.. Had a great night talking climbing and Singapore. The competitions there and how strong everyone is…. It makes me feel like a old man =(


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One Response to “Hey Ning you want a route?”

  1. Sounds delicious!! Singapore hawker centres never fail to impress 🙂

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