“is that a new pad?” – Yosemite

I set the alarm for 5:20AM. Forest noises and fairy dust… Was the sound of my alarm as I spring awake… Again in didn’t sleep much last night… Probably cause my site was next to the toilet and people flushing all night kept me up… Must get earplugs! <!–more–> I pack my stuff into the car and take the well practiced racing line to Camp 4…i pulled out my bouldering mat, some food and a book and walk towards the queue.. image

There was already a line of people snuggled up in their sleeping bags like caterpillars all the way to the car park! I’ve always wanted to wait in line for a monumentous event… Such as a Harry Potter book launch or an iPhone release but I’m glad I held out and popped my cherry waiting at Camp 4 instead! Hence I throw down my mat and join the queue..  2.5hrs to go… A drop in the ocean if you ask me =)… So after waiting around for an hour or so… There’s people waking up and out and about…. Then I saw a familiar face… Tom Randall from the Wide Boyz! So rad! See a famous climber in person… TICK! I wonder if he had to wait in line too?.. I finally get a spot and off I go making myself home… image I head to Curry village to grab a copy of the Bouldering and Free Climbing guidebooks and off I go! image I head to the Titanic boulder at Camp 4 boulders and tried Battle of the Bulge… Worked out the sequence to the last sloper… I hit it… Came off and right foot landed between the mat and the ground. BAM! Rolled ankle and game over… Climbing trips always seem to result in getting injured in the first day… Why?!  I barely made it back to the campsite without tearing like a girl. So I guess I’ll spend the rest of the day just chilling and hoping it gets better tomorrow. image So here’s a photo of my ankle… A few purple bruise marks… I went to bed at 6pm last night and slept a good 13hrs. It was amazing! Thanks to the earplugs I bought… I got undisturbed sleep. We had a chat this morning with Peter Whittaker and Tom Randall aka the Wide Boyz. It kinda answered my question…. They were moving cause they’re reserved spot timed out. Pete was smashing pop tarts and had two boxes of instant noodles =) what a legend!… I spent the rest of the day just icing my ankle and resting. It’s so amazing being here… Nearly everyone is here for Half Dome or the Nose on El Cap. Definitely opens your eyes to the bigger picture in climbing…. This is definitely the next level!


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I'm 24 and from Melbourne. =D
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