“woo you’re also from Perth” – Yosemite

My ankle felt alright this morning and was committed to climb something… Anything… I taped my up ankle after breakfast and it felt ok… When I went to the toilet, I bumped into this guy who I met in the line and he was keen to climb. Sweet! We went to the Swan Slab which was like 5 min walk from camp and warmed up on Bay Tree Crack which was a 5.6. Felt pretty good through the crack layback section although it was definitely different… Definitely need to jam. My new TC Pros worked awesome for jamming but not so good for smearing.. Think I still need to wear the layer of sheen off the rubber… I got towards the top on a balancy section and slipped.. I thought Gg going to die…. Lucky my gear held and my belayer caught me! I then jumped on a 5.9 finger crack… That was strenuous and hard! It was basically jam your fingers in.. Twist… Grimace in pain… Smear… Slip… Smear again… Breathe a sigh is relief… Move up and repeat… I think 5.9 is like a 16…and it was hard =P i then tried a 5.7 hand jam… That took some balls and commitment to get off the ground… I watched this guy cruise up the 5.9 finger crack like it was a piece of cake… Man… I must master the crack before I leave =) I came back… Headed to the shop to buy some vegetables and some stag chilli and made some wraps for dinner… So good to munch in some vegies! At the end of the night.. Was chatting to Logan’s friends and met Rowena who just got here and looking for a partner! Finally! We locked in Snake Dike for Saturday! So psyched!


About peetiez

I'm 24 and from Melbourne. =D
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