“I’m part of the Evolv Team” – Yosemite

Today is my rest day and my last day here in Yosemite Valley!
I woke up… Had breakfast and did my laundry courtesy of the Scrubba laundry bag that Ning got me. It’s basically a dry seal bag with some bumpy fingers which act as the washboard and you just fill the bag with your clothes, add water and detergent, seal it up, eject the air in the bag and scrub for like a minute and BAM! Drain.. Repeat to rinse and then hang up the clothes. I previously thought… This needs water and if there’s water… I may as well do it in the shower…. No… Camp 4 doesn’t have showers but had potable water… So this worked out perfect! Thanks Ning! My friend Yuri saw me and was like hey! I’m going bouldering with my friend.. Want to come with? I’m like hell yeah! So I tagged along and met Eddie. Super cool guy who’s working at the mountaineering school and lives in the Valley. He’s also part of the Evolv Team! So cool! We went around to different areas and he showed us some cool problems! Super fun! Felt so good to pull on holds again instead of jamming. I managed to insight a V4 which had a sick heel hook! So stoked to be able to send it… Thought I’d be super weak by now!



Conditions were great cause it was overcast and had some wind! We bouldered for a bit and once it started getting warm around lunchtime we called it quits. I did the rest of my laundry and headed to the library at Yosemite Village to leach wifi. It was nice to video call my folks to let them know I’m still alive =)

Since it was my last night here I decided to drive to Glacier Point to watch thr sunset! It was beautiful!




Basically the Valley was carved out by a glacier! So cool! I took a time-lapse on the GoPro… Man waiting there for a few hours was so cold! The wind just cuts right through… So.. Time to go to bed.. My last sleep here in Yosemite!


About peetiez

I'm 24 and from Melbourne. =D
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