“its my birthday so we all came to the Buttermilks for the weekend” – The Buttermilks


Woke up pretty early today to this view! Amazing!

There was also snowfall in the higher mountains around us. After breakfast and packing up the tent… We hit the boulders! Played around on heaps of different problems! Our fingertips were so pink that mine started bleeding!


We went to the Grandpa Peabody boulder and it was party town! So many people! Some kid had his 23rd birthday and all his mates were down here for the weekend! We were pretty shagged so went to go check out the Sad boulders which are like volcanic formation or something. Totally different texture! There were too many boulders and getting around was tricky especially for my friends dog so we bailed… I went grocery shopping and met up with him back at the Buttermilks a bit later. We made wraps and it was gourmet! So happy =) so that’s pretty much the end of Bishop… Tomorrow I made the epic 7hr drive to Zion National Park….


The 7hr drive was indeed epic! The scenery along the way was amazing! The drive to Las Vegas was basically a straight road through the desert for 200km…so boring!


The landscape approaching Zion was amazing!


Here’s a photo of where I’m staying tonight… Next to the library with Free WiFi… Next to the park with picnic benches and toilets! Woo!



About peetiez

I'm 24 and from Melbourne. =D
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