“tomorrow there will be space for only 0 individual people” – Yosemite


So…I just realised that I forgot to renew my stay in camp 4…GG.. that means I’ll have to wait in line for a new spot tomorrow
… So I did… I woke up 5am.. Poured a bowl of cereal.. Pulled out my crash pad and waited in line… I was 6th.. The sign said there were 0 spaces for the day however that didn’t make sense cause my spot would be free.. So I waited..  Just like the shitloads of other people… The ranger same and said… Can’t you read.. There’s no vacancies… Unless you have signed up for the Yosemite Facelift… A annual clean up activity… So basically a number of sites were reserved for those people… I was screwed! With check out at 12pm looming closer.. I had to think of something…I was getting so stressed… The ranger suggested everyone go to other campsites to see if there are vacancies.. I’m not paying $20 for a site… I’m a cheapo climber … So I went back and put on a sad face and told her my story… I was so lucky! She extended it till Friday! Boy I couldn’t stop smiling! Simple pleasures in life =)


I had a proper breakfast and hooked up with a fellow from the neighbouring campsite named Neil… He was here in the Valley to aid some big walls and now that he had ticked what he came for… He has time to just chill. We tried to climb together on Nutcracker which is a classic 5 pitch 5.8 however we got there pretty late and there were 3 parties in front of us… One of them bailed cause they were up there waiting for an hour… Hence we also bailed… Spent the arvo bouldering with my friend Yuri just doing easy stuff that was low so I wouldn’t hurt my ankle.

After an hour or so we went and had dinner before they showed Valley Uprising!



The movie was sick! Was so cool to learn about the history in Yosemite! Loved it!


About peetiez

I'm 24 and from Melbourne. =D
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