“we’re making a movie.. Can you please move out of the scene?” – The Buttermilks

I woke up nice and early and packed my stuff from Camp 4… I said my goodbyes and began my journey to Bishop!

I headed straight to maccas for lunch and then the local outdoors shop for a copy of the guide book! Man this guidebook is a novel! Full colour and all for under $40! Man climbing shoes in the states are so much cheaper! $120 for solutions! And they sold organic crash pads and beanies!


Here’s a shot of the local theatre in Bishop! Old school huh!

I headed straight to Buttermilks and it was amazing! The first boulder to appear is the Grandpa Peabody boulder and it’s massive! Like high high! We’re talking higher than any climb in Kalamunda!


Sorry about the crappy phone photos. I’ll upload some better ones when I get home. I was checking out some of the classics that I’ve seen on TV… Like Ambrosia… Evilution… The Buttermilker… So epic! Then bumped into another guy climbing on his own so joined him and had a play on different boulders. We tried this 3 star V1 called Buttermilk Stem ! so rad but so high!! Then jumped on this a 2 star V6 called Milk the Milks and got the send! We were on Iron Man 3 star V4 and around the corner was a girl and a film crew…


After sending the climb.. They asked us if we could leave cause we were in the shot =P… Anyways.. We had a play on s few other boulders and called it a night! This place is rad!


About peetiez

I'm 24 and from Melbourne. =D
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