“dude you need to shave.. You look like a paedophile” – Indian Creek

Thanks Adam! I am well aware as for particles have known to be trapped in my tuffs of pubes above my lips.
Today’s adventure was Arches National Park.


I’m kinda liking this tick a park in a day thing… It’s like El Cap in a day… But not really… Anyways.. I got up and it 2 bucketing rain last night… My shoes had a pool in them and i just ceebs.. Eventually psyched myself up to put in my thongs and blasted the heater full bore at foot heat to dry my shoes. I thonged it for the first two lookouts before my shoes dried out.

Arches was beautiful! So many arches it’s not funny!


It was generally poor weather with light drizzle throughout the day. Do you notice the V in the top left of my photos.. Annoying huh? It’s a massive scratch.. More on that later. I basically went to see all the arches available except delicate arch as the road was closed due to flooding. What I noticed was that alot of people use walking sticks here… It’s like a thing!


It was so cool to be able to get up close to the arches! I’m always looking at them.. At the cracks and wondering if that can be climbed =P


The last walk was the Devils Garden trail which went to a number of arches.. It was raining so ended up making myself a sandwich in the car. I only went as far as landscapes arch as my ITB was hurting… And I kinda got the idea with the whole arches thing.


I got to the car and was like.. Ok. Next is Canyonlands.. I wasn’t excited and it felt forced… So I thought stuff it.. Follow my heart… To Indian Creek! I went to the local gear shop to buy a guidebook. They had this massive sink with a few taps in the shop… People were bringing massive jugs to fill up… I asked the guys and they said it’s cause Indian Creek doesn’t have water for 120 miles… Even the park ranger comes to them to get filtered water cause it tastes better… I kinda got the note and went to the supermarket and bought shitloads of water. Before I did that.. I bought a new lens for my go pro case… I undid 2 screws before I stripped the 3rrd and 4th… GG.. i went back to the shop and got a whole new case instead.. They were so nice that they were more than happy to switcheroo even though I’ve used it.


So only Indian Creek it was… I went to Bridger Jacks campground and cause of the recent rains… The was a creek that prevented me from getting through… Ok Creek Pasture campground it was… I rolled up and I was instantly happy again. Heaps of space… Each site has a bench and firepit and there were toilets.. Oh did I mention it was free?! The sunset was amazing!  The view was just spectacular…. So happy!



I put up a note on the noticeboard!
Cool huh? They have clips!

Anyways.. I set up and was eating dinner when a lady came and asked if I wanted to join them tomorrow! Woohoo! I couldn’t have been more happy! =) cracktown!


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I'm 24 and from Melbourne. =D
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