“it’s like we’re in a dinosaur movie” – Indian Creek

Today was one of the most epic days of climbing… I was pretty close to vomiting.
Em and Lucie had so much gear which they borrowed from back home. They drove all the way from Quebec Canada which was like 30hrs or something just to climb here. We drove to Bridger Jacks to check out Rambo Wall but there was a river crossing in the way due to the floods and couldn’t get through. Plan B was Scarface Wall. In Indian Creek they tend to name the crags after the classic of the crag.. So this one was Scarface.


It was freezing in the morning that my tent had a layer of ice on it! We were so glad to see that sun.

We jumped on the first climb which was a unknown 5.9 which was definitely the easiest of the day.


Here’s a photo of Em going up… She’s a tiny little dot near the top. At the bottom of the climbs, people used to etch the name of the route and the FA date on a rock.. However over time.. Some of these disappeared.. Here’s one I found.


The next climb we did was another 5.9 hands… Small hands… So my fat meaty palms couldn’t fit in do it was struggle town for me whilst the girls cruised it.


Then finally we jumped on Wavy Gravy 5.10-.. It was such an amazing wall! Hands all the way! It reminded me of a feature wall art a climbing gym just cause its so unnatural. You go up then rest and then over the roof again then rest.. Super cool! Managed to get the onsight for this one too!


Here’s Lucie getting wavy! Finally I was pretty shagged but the girls wanted to check out this classic Scarface.. As we walked over.. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen appeared. It was breathtaking! UT was life from a movie… Desert peaks.. The six shooters in the background and then a green oasis in the foreground! So beautiful! Here’s a photo off my phone that doesn’t do it any justice.


I just couldn’t stop staring at it at every opportunity.

We walked over to Scarface and other people were on it so we jumped on this other climb. It was a 30m 5.9….

So much gear was needed for this one… Here’s Em racking up!


It was so hard that I was so close to vomiting at the end. I was just shagged and was so run out with dodgy gear and weird body positions like a drop knee jam… Wtf right?! So many times my brain told me to give up and take the fall… I’d always look down at the fall and was like… Shit that’s massive and my last bit of gear was shit … No brain! So I’d keep pushing until I found better gear or better jams… The sun set whilst I was on the wall… Such a battle that I won’t forget.. I was just glad to be off the wall cause anymore I probably would’ve started to tear up =(. We didn’t get back to thr campsite till 8pm…I had a quick singer and was ready for another day =)


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