“look at the man and the gopro” – Zion National Park


Yes the man was me… Holding my gopro stick in one hand and holding the chains in the other.
Today in at Zion National Park and thr first walk I did was Angel’s Landing.
Quite a few people stopped at the lookout before the sketchy trail up the the landing… Probably because it’s slippery… Death on one side and you have to hold onto chains… So as I mentioned… I pitched my tent in the grass area of the local playground adjacent to the library and toilets. Man the toilets were so clean and I was so happy to get wifi in my tent! I woke up 5:30am… Packed up my tent in the dark… Had salami in a bagel for breakfast and drove to the Zion National Park Visitors Centre. You can’t drive through the park with your own car so you have to take a shuttle. The first one is at 7am. I packed my day pack with a raincoat, lunch, snacks and water in my hydration bladder…. After a bit of packing get… I went back to my bag and the sea that I left it on was soaked…. GG.. I pulled out the bladder and there was a hole in it =( I tried taping the hole up with climbing tape but forgot that it’s porous hence leaked through… No choice… I used my dromedary instead. Off I went to the shuttle.

It was pretty quiet.. Only the super keen ones were on the bus and they were all there for Angel’s Landing… It’s THE walk in Zion.


So here we set off as the sky slowly lights up


I walked a bit more and felt my leg dripping.. Surely it’s not sweat… I felt my bag and BAM.. Leaking water again.. Pulled out my dromedary and it wasn’t tightened properly… Thank god it didn’t have a hole it in too.


The walk was estimated to take 4 hrs return and graded “strenuous” it was switchback after switchback up incline!
After some serious slogging for about 45min…you get to the lookout and you start to proceed through the narrow walkway with the metal chains





Amazing views! I smashed it back down to the shuttle station to make the most of my day. The next walk was Hidden Canyon… Was “moderate” and shorter… It definitely wasn’t as nice and wasn’t inspiring… No photos.. I finally did the riverside walk which gets you to the Narrows… It’s the section where you rent a stick and shoes and walk through the flowing river.. I didn’t know or else I would’ve rented gear before I came into the park… Nevertheless the water was freezing and went up to neck height in places! =S

I called it a day and went to the supermarket to look for duct tape to fix my bladder… It costs $7 so I was like nup.. instead found some waterproof tape for $2…i stuck some on and then put climbing tape on top… Fingers crossed it did the job!

I started making the drive out towards Bryce Canyon.. It feels nice to drive sometimes… It’s just relaxing although it can get lonely… The scenery was interesting… Had all these little Western towns along the way which had themes shop fronts.. One was a giant rock! It was selling all kinds of “gems” and rocks… So random!


I drove by this section of rock and it looks amazing!

Thanks to freecampsites.net.. I found this little campsite next to a farm which is secluded and nice!



Bryce Canyon is smaller than Zion and can be done in a day so going to have an early nice and smash it tomorrow!


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