“that’s such a good pose!” – Bryce Canyon


In my whole 2 weeks.. It’s the first time I’ve encountered Chinese tourists… I definitely don’t miss them! You can hear them half way down the Canyon!

My goal for today is to tick Bryce Canyon in a day! It was so cold last night! Went down to 0 degree and I was freezing in my sleeping bag cinched up all the way with just my mouth sticking out… I finally woke up around 7am..packed up and she breakfast to the sound of cows mooing. I found this guide on the net which suggested that for Bryce Canyon in 1 day… Hit Bryce Point for sunrise.

Tick! Next was Inspiration Point… Thank god these lookouts are basically at the Carpark


Inspiration Point was definitely better than Bryce Point. Time check… 9am…next up is to do the Navajo /Queen’s Garden circuit which is supposed to be one of the top 3 day walks in USA!! 


I have to say.. It definitely lived up to it! It was amazing and wasn’t hard at all.

Next was Natural Arch.. Another one of those car park lookouts.


BAM! Get the idea… Time check.. 11am…i head to the visitors centre for a toilet break and wifi to search up my next camping location and directions to Arches National Park… I guess I’m kinda rushing the parks a little bit because I want to get maximum time for climbing at Indian Creek! And plus my ITB on my right knee is inflamed since Snake Dike so walking is killing me… But you gotta do what you gotta do right… Probably not coming back to these national parks so gotta make the most of it!



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