“I know the best settings for any camera” – Lower Antelope Canyon


I woke up this morning and began my morning ritual. I whip out my water container, stove and saucepan. I pour enough water in my saucepan for oats then fill up my cup with water and pour that into the saucepan for tea. I turn on the gas and light her up with my BIC lighter I bought in Yosemite. I put the saucepan on the fire and I go and brush my teeth and wash my face. By the time I’m done.. The water should be done… I grab my container of oats, jar of peanut butter, tube of honey, a tea bag and my spoon. I place a tea bag in my mug and poor the hot water into it. I then pop the pats container and pour just enough oats… About 3-4 shakes usually does the trick… I then whip out my spoon and scoop and massive heap of crunchy peanut butter and stir it through the oats.. I then squeeze a tonne of honey… And if I have a banana handy, I’ll slice it up and dump it in… Then the fun part. I mix it all together! I take a sip of my hot tea to wet my mouth and prep my digestive tract for the awesome meal. I scoop a heap with my spoon and BAM! The fun begins =)

today I did the eating inside the car cause it was super windy outside and was blowing sand everywhere. I’ve basically done this everyday of my trip… Except a few occasions where I had cereal and milk however the milk never lasted without a cooler and became yoghurt within 2 days.

I wash up after my meal.. Throw it all back into the car and away I go. I headed to Walmart this morning… Grabbed an OJ and some eggs before heading to the Lower Antelope Canyon for the 9:30am tour. Apparently midday light is the best as the Canyon is all lit up however I really didn’t have the time as I was planning on making it to Joshua Tree in the evening.


Here’s a teaser of some of the photos! It was amazing! Well worth the money and you don’t even need to know how to use a camera… Just point and shoot and the photos come out amazing! Our guide Chris at Ken’s Tours was amazing and super friendly, he showed the best places for photos and even camera settings!


The tour went for just over an hour and was perfect!


Here’s what the slot canyons look like on the way out. Super narrow!

I got back into the car and off I went for the 7hr journey to J Tree.



I did make a lunch stop at In & Out Burgers just cause Connie said to. Pretty simple menu, had like 3 burgers and drinks on the menu. I gotta say… I still prefer the whopper =)

So 8hrs later… Alot of speeding.. Some detours and a pack of mega sized beef jerky… I made it to J Tree.. I was happy again =)

I gotta say… I always feel so lonely at the sightseeing places… I hate having to set up tent and repack everyday… Definitely wish I had someone to share the experience with… However when I arrive at a climbing place… I’m happy again…  + I can leave my tent for a while without having to pack it up in the morning which I’m sick of.



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