“please come visit me!” – Indian Creek

Yesterday was my last day climbing at Indian Creek. We ventured out to the Power Wall! We warmed up on a short 5.8 and brought the camera up for a few happy snaps.. Then did the same for a 5.9 next to it.


Lucie’s friend Evan was there with his friends so we all just chilled out. Em was psyched as always and got on a 5.11 and smashed it! I gave it a go and like a few moves from the top where the was a nice rest… I moved up and foot slipped… Nooo… Shows that you need to focus even on the easy sections…

Even went up this 5.11+ which had a bouldery start so I followed on Toprope. Super fun… The bouldery section would definitely be scary to lead… The rest of the climb was great… Started with fingers then got wider up to #4…the crack size was just long enough to keep you entertained giving max value before changing size.

Finally Em went up this 5.10 which was 130ft long… I hate long climbs! But as always… We have a tendency to do long climbs at end the day.. Em actually did this one cause the other guy’s rope was stuck when he was pulling it through… The guidebook did mention that this climb had a tendency to eat ropes… Em got pretty much to the top before slipping after the roof section.. It was her first proper fall at the creek! She’s onsighted everything since!!  Beast! After finishing and lowering .. We pulled the rope and it got stuck… GG.. Lucie tried this technique of using the gri gri and putting weight on the rope. .. The idea being that once you put enough weight on it.. The rope with stretch and thin out and hopefully pop out.. It did! We thought.. We better not do it again or else it might get stuck again .. However… Em left some draws up there so I was adamant to get them… So up I went… However I did the first section completely different from Em hence the gear I took up wasnt appropriate.. Time to get creative! I ended up doing the climb completely different from her and it was a totally fun route.. Super varied. When I got to the anchors I figured the best way to pull the rope without getting caught and we managed to retrieve our rope… ! Happy days!

We went back “home”.. Shared a meal and a beer over the picnic table of what would be our last dinner together =)

I woke up this morning and packed up my gear and headed over to their site to have breakfast together. They made pancakes for me as a going away treat =)

Now here I am on the road currently at Lake Powell…. I just went and checked out the horseshoe bend.


Hoping to head to Lower Antelope Canyon tomorrow before making the drive to Joshua Tree and skipping the Grand Canyon.


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I'm 24 and from Melbourne. =D
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