“It’s not just about the climbing”


Climbing has been everything to me in the past few years.. Maybe because that’s the thing I passionately want to be really good at despite the obstacles in the way.

But recently it’s made me realise that there’s more in life than climbing. In the past all I wanted to do was climb and always prioritised that before my partner, friends and even family. I’d miss events so I could pursue my own goals but never considered the impact I had on the people I left behind. So what happens if I tick my project? There’s always another project… What happens if I do my first V10? There’s V11. I now ask myself what have I left behind to achieve those goals? Boardgame nights with friends, dinners with my partner and her family or friends, weddings, quality time spent with my folks, bailing on afterwork drinks…. List goes on. I don’t want to be that guy who prioritises my own goals over others around me. End of the day it comes back to why I climb… It used to be for the moves, the satisfaction of success and ticking my projects … But more and more lately it’s been to learn more about myself and to better myself ….it’s really a big journey of self discovery. It allows me to meet people, understand and learn from them both good and bad. I don’t want climbing to define me, I want to define what climbing is to me. End of the day… It’s not just about the climbing… It’s about the people I’m with that makes me happy. I could tick my project with someone an acquaintance or I could go on an adventure with a mate…laughing, joking and smiling with every move. That’s the person I want to be with… That’s what climbing is to me.



About peetiez

I'm 24 and from Melbourne. =D
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