“broken again”


It’s always been cycle… I get strong and then I get injured..i get over it… Get strong again… And then injured…

I can’t say I’m a fan but getting injured is definitely a humbling experience… It’s like someone telling me.. “Peter… I think you’re getting a bit ahead of yourself…im going to slap your ego back to where the sun don’t shine”

So what is it this time? Remember that ankle that I sprained bouldering on the first day and first boulder problem in Yosemite… Well it’s coming back to haunt me. After the sprain, I couldn’t walk for 3 days. After I could walk … I started crack climbing. I even managed to jog a few weeks later and things were all good by the time I came home. Last month I had a dream and in my dream I sprained my ankle… When I woke up, my ankle was sore and I could no longer run. I few days later I was home one night and just moving my foot around through its range of movement… Then I suddenly got sharp pain and from then on the ankle hurt… Alot! When I walk too enthusiastically.. It hurts… I can’t point my toes without pain and it’s a bummer.

I thought I’d better see a doctor. I got an MRI done and the scans showed worse than I initially thought. A bone on the side of my ankle is partially fractured however still hanging on. Some major tendon /ligaments are connected to it so that isn’t a big deal as long as I take it easy and dont pull it off but on the inside surfaces of the ankle joint… There are massive grooves that have been chipped out from the impact. There’s some loose flappy stuff in there..some cartilage has thickened and my tendons and ligaments are super inflamed. What does that mean? Surgery may be required to clean it out and smooth out those surfaces.

It’s been a a month or so since the diagnosis and things are feeling great. I can even hop on my foot now and even jog a few meters! Something I couldn’t imagine ever doing without surgery. I’ll see the surgeon at the end of the month so we’ll see what he reckons =)

I had my appointment with the surgeon yesterday morning and his diagnosis was that I have no more cartilage left in my joint and it won’t grow back. The surgeon would need to drill into the bone to release some stem cells and trigger regeneration of the cartilage. Probability of success is 80% with a 1% chance of infection as well as the risk of forming blood clots which can be fatal. To manage the clotting, I’ll need to inject my self everyday with a blood thinner. I won’t be able to drive for 6 weeks and will take 6 months before I can start exercising on it. Reality is… Can take a year or two before I return to running. 80% to me doesn’t seem that high of a success rate.. That’s 1 in  5 chance that I’ll be out for 6 months and potentially worse than I am now. Knowing my luck… I’ll probably fall into the 20%

If I don’t do the op then I’m likely to have arthritis but he said if it’s not causing pain then it should be alright for now if I’m happy with its function. I’m still thinking over it but I guess one day I’d like to be able to run with my kids…if I have kids that is =P

So in the mean time… It’s the long weekend coming up and it’s going to be my first Kalbarri trip of the season!


About peetiez

I'm 24 and from Melbourne. =D
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