“what keeps you going?”


Here I am struggling and peeling off of the my favourites in Indian Creek, Fingers in a Light Socket. Photo taken by Stacha Duflo

That’s a good question that a friend of mine asked me yesterday at the gym. It wasn’t immediate and I had to think about it quite a bit for the answer.

I asked myself if it’s the actual climbing and problems? No, not really… The gym I climb at has pretty ordinary problems and I don’t get too psyched over a particular problem.

Is it that I want to be better? For sure, I want to keep getting stronger and continue learning but does that really keep me coming back?.. I don’t think so

What happens if I don’t
for a while? I start itching for it… Maybe it’s because it’s become part of my routine and feel lost without it?

It then made me think about when I feel happy in climbing. And Indian Creek came to my head. Why? I think because I was free, I had time, the ego was locked away, I was a noob again and could enjoy climbing and pushing myself, being happy for my success and failures. I no longer cared about how I performed cause I didn’t expect anything from my self, I just wanted to learn. Secondly I was surrounded with amazing people who’s company I enjoyed and were supportive. We just had fun and climbing was secondary. Sometimes I gotta keep reminding myself that that’s what makes me happy and that’s what it should be about.

What’s my current climbing goals that I have in my mind? Well that’s to learn more skills. I want to be efficient… I mean super efficient on multipitch anchors and transitions… Then I want to learn how to haul and portaledge… And would love to do a big wa. But the question my friend asked really helped identify a hole in my climbing world. I need a shorter term goal to focus on cause right now I’m stagnant and not pushing.

So I’ve decided to set myself the goal of bouldering a V10 by the end of next year. Double digits… That was always the goal since day one. Now is the time cause I’m not getting any younger. I think I need to find the right problem for me and hit it up. I’ve done V8s and even a V9…however still struggle with V7s =P but I’m glad that question was asked cause it really made me realise that I’m stagnant.



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I'm 24 and from Melbourne. =D
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